Warning safety sign.

Incorporating Chemical Hazard Decals Into Your Business

While your business likely has your typical retail signs, incorporating chemical hazard decals into your establishment is also important. Premium…

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Warning safety sign for hazardous voltage.

Why You Need Hotel Chemical Hazard Decals

As a Hotel that welcomes a wide variety of guests daily, you’ll want to ensure their safety throughout their stay.…

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Hotel Fire Safety Door Signage is Important, Here’s Why

Did you know that the risk of fire related deaths or injuries can be decreased by 55% with the presence…

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How to Design Around ADA

ADA rules are changing and vary from location to location The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect on…

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Top Benefits of ADA Compliant Handicapped Signs

A large portion of your customers will benefit from including ADA Handicapped signs since more than 61 million Americans currently…

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Identity Group: Who We Are & What We Do

At Identity Group, we’ve been creating and manufacturing interior signs and visual décor for over 67 years. From design to…

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Does Your Business Need ADA Compliant Signs?

Did you know that more than 20 million families in America have at least one family member with a disability?…

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Identity Group’s Favorite Stadium Signage Projects

Identity Group understands that your business isn’t like any other business out there. You have a unique location and a…

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How ADA Handicapped Signs Help Your Customers

As 61 million people in the United States are currently living with a disability, incorporating ADA Handicapped signs can help…

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How Using Custom Designed Signs Can Showcase Your Brand

Your business isn’t like any other business out there. You have a unique location and a unique way to interact…

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What Types of ADA Compliant Signs Do I Need?

As more than 20 million families in the United States have at least one family member with a disability, incorporating…

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The Balance of Informative and Attractive Custom Retail Signs

As informational and attractive signs can on average increase sales revenue by 4.75%, how do you go about balancing the…

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How Retail Decor Directs Your Customers

Did you know that with the proper retail decor, your business can drive sales by 70%? When thinking about the…

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CEO of IDG, a sign manufacture and sign company for hotel signs, hospitality signs, visual merchandising signs, retail decor, retail pop signage, and ADA signs

A Letter From Our CEO

For over 65 years, Identity Group has been the market leader in producing custom and standard ADA Signs, Visual Décor,…

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Tips for Creating Effective Brand Signs

Were you aware that 50% of consumers report that companies with poorly designed brand signs will deter them from engaging…

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How Hospitality Signs Put Your Customers At Ease

Did you know that 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of products and services they…

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