Benefits to Buying Your Signage in Bulk

For the hospitality industry, retail spaces, and many other businesses, signage – and lots of it – is essential because…

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What to Expect from a Wholesale Sign Manufacturer

Quality signage is important for your business, but don’t just take our word for it. A carefully designed business sign…

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General Business Sign Requirements: State & Local Needs

If you run a business or are considering it, you need to know you can’t just set up your lemonade…

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5 Custom Sign Designs with Identity Group

For those who think traditional advertising is dead, think again! One recent business study found that 72% of those surveyed…

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Benefits of Using Identity Group’s Digital Wholesale Solution

Identity Group has been providing quality wholesale signage for more than 67 years and, more recently, with the immediacy and…

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Custom ADA Signs carefully crafted to meet requirements for ADA Handicapped Signs & ADA Building Signage.

How Are Signs Built to be Vandalism-Proof?

When your architectural signage is vandalized, it would seem that your only options are either to cover-up the vandalism or…

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Required Signage for Commercial Facilities

As millions of people in the United States deal with a disability, incorporating the right ADA compliant signs into your…

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What can be Incorporated into Compression Sign Solutions?

When it comes to the signs you display throughout your business, compression technology is the best way to go. With…

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Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Standards

Identity Group helps provide businesses with the proper ADA compliant signs necessary to follow legal regulations. Having no idea where…

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Business Safety Products: What to Incorporate into Your Business

OSHA aka, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires companies to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace,…

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Hotel Property: Certificate of Occupancy

Did you know that wayfinding signs are just as important as safety signs when it comes to your hotel guests?…

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Different Types of Sign Compression Processes

You may find it helpful if you understand the different sign building processes when it comes to creating your unique…

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Architectural Signs vs Commercial Signs: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to your business, you will be required to incorporate a variety of ADA compliant sign solutions internally,…

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Compare and Contrast: Compression Signage vs Applied Photopolymer Tactile Solutions

When it comes to your business signs, understanding the different sign building processes can be helpful. Here at Identity Group,…

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Hotel No Entry Signs are Important, Here’s Why

Every year, approximately 4 million employees are injured at work. With that in mind, incorporating hotel no entry safety signage…

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Does Your Hotel Need Fitness Center Graphics?

As ​​Americans are set to spend as much as $33.25 billion on gyms, fitness centers, and studios annually, when guests…

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