Case Study: Hannaford Supermarkets – Retail Pop Signage

Retail POP Signage for Grocery Store Environments


Designing Retail POP Signage with Hannaford Supermarkets to create, innovate, and inspire with immersive grocery shopping experiences that connect with customers and make a lasting impression. From the smallest of price point tags to large structural decor, our designers have been fulfilling the signage needs for Hannaford Supermarkets for decades. We help you create effective experiences through custom store decor and signage with POP kits, Store wraps, department headers, and menu signs.



Over 25 years

We've been designing custom retail store signs with the Hannaford Supermarket team for close to three decades!

210 Stores

We helped the Hannaford Team remodel and launch 210 stores with brand retail POP signage helping increase in-store purchases and brand awareness.

Over 250,000 Orders

We developed, created, and fulfilled over a quarter million retail sign orders for Hannaford Supermarkets and continue to fulfill more daily!

Quality Retail Store Signs

We work with Hannaford Bros. to create, innovate, and inspire with immersive visual merchandising display techniques that connect with customers and make a lasting impression. We are also an ADA sign company qualified to produce ADA signage so to help all retail stores to remain compliant with ADA guidelines. Work with us to create your own experience through custom design signs and store decor with POP kits, Store wraps, department headersmenu signs, and more.


Online sign store for creating Custom Retail POP Signage Designs for Hannaford

Online Retail Sign Solutions

Our design team developed & launched multiple Online Sign Stores for the Hannaford Supermarket Team.

"Spruce" was developed for Hannaford as a reordering online sign store for existing signs and sign parts. This easy to use sign design online tool is transactional and simplifies the reordering process for when Hannaford needs to "spruce" up a specific store. Since its inception in 2004, we have received and produced over 35,000 online sign orders via this sign design online tool.

"Quicksilver" was developed for Hannaford as a request and approval for brand signs during store openings and remodels. Quicksilver makes it easy for Hannaford merchandisers to keep track of rolling sign needs and receive approval on sign orders. Over 300 orders, online sign stores have been fulfilled via this platform since its launch in 2018.

In addition to providing 2 branded online sign stores, we also maintain and release a catalog of updates to sign design and safety products personalized per decor specification (over 350 interactive pages!) for all Hannaford employees to refer to, so to assure brand continuity.

Retail Store Signage and POP kits for Hannaford from top premier sign company specializing in ADA guidelines.

Custom Grocery POP Signs & Decor

When the Hannaford Team remodels and opens new stores, they reach out to our sign design team to help them create the ideal shopping environment, at the most value-effective cost for retail POP signs.


From in-field surveys, concept drawings, prototyping to installation, we provide Hannaford Supermarkets a "one-stop-shop" for creating their recognizable grocery store sign and environments.


With the capability to create multiple sized variations of the same project, we are certain that the Hannaford team has the ability to create brand uniformity in a variety of store sizes.


Custom metal and wood fabrication, state of the art large format print techniques, color match painting and precision routing are regularly utilized in projects like these for Hannaford Supermarkets.

This large structural awning designed and installed at all requested Hannaford locations, is a great example of the types of projects we are regularly working on.

Hannaford Retail Store Signage:

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