How to Prepare For Your Signage Installation

It is a common trend for leading businesses to use signage for brand recognition. Installing signage is a cost-effective and ideal strategy for brand exposure. A survey conducted revealed that almost 80% of customers are attracted by signage when visiting a new store.

With respect to that, the success of signage depends on sufficient preparation before installation. It is an intricate process that requires adequate planning and organization to run seamlessly. The following are four critical steps to take as you prepare for your signage installation.

Performing Site and Technical Survey

The initial preparation is a site survey to help maximize signage visibility and minimize losses and damage. It’s best to inspect the area and ensure your signage has a strategic position free from obstructions. The site should also have adequate lighting to maximize the signage’s impact, especially during the winter.

A proper survey also helps establish measurements to help with the installation. Additionally, a technical survey helps establish gas lines and water utilities so that you can obtain permits. Check for electricity sources if you are installing an LED sign in proximity to a power source. Besides that, you must check the terrain on the installation site and ensure the ground is level. This guarantees that the signage will not fall and cause accidents and damage.

Establishing Routes to Help With Movement During Installation

If you schedule your signage installation on a business day, finding alternative routes to minimize interruptions is imperative. You can block parts of the area with high foot traffic to allow easy access to the installation team and their equipment.

Make arrangements for traffic control and temporary road closures to ensure public safety and avoid lawsuits. You may also need to find sufficient parking for the installation team, as they may use cranes that require space. Establishing routes will simplify the team’s work and the installation process.

Preparing the Signage Installation Area

Preparing the area is one of the most essential steps before signage installation. Before hiring an expert team from a professional signage company, thoroughly prepare the installation area. The area may be cluttered with obstacles and debris, obstructing your signage and rendering it ineffective.

In addition, ensure that the exterior of your building is clean to allow for optimal signage visibility. Remove any moisture from surfaces that may damage the signage or impact its performance. If you want some signage or graphics on vehicles, ensure they are clean, and the windows are free from dust, grime, and dirt. Failure to prepare the area will cause your signage strategy to be ineffective.

Coordinate With All Relevant Parties

Once you are set to bring in the installation company, make sure you coordinate with everyone involved. Find out about specific requirements and restrictions to prevent surprises during the installation. First, ensure you obtain the necessary permits from the relevant authorities, especially if your signage is likely to distract motorists.

Although permit requirements differ depending on the signage and from location to location, it is crucial to obtain one to avoid delays and additional costs. Again, inform your property manager about the installation if you operate from a rented property. They may need to be present during the installation for accountability.

Leverage a Reliable Signage Company

Signage installation is vital to elevating your brand’s recognition. However, it is a complex process that requires proper preparation to be fruitful. Do you need help navigating the signage installation process? At Identity Group, we help you build your brand by walking with you from the initial to the final signage installation.

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