How Custom Experience is Created with Signage & Graphics

Custom signage will change people’s perception of your business. In fact, a remarkable 8/10 of people state they entered a business solely based on its signage, and 68% believe that the quality of signage reflects the quality of a business and its products.

Not investing in custom signage may prove a missed opportunity for your business. Moreover, signage isn’t just crucial for branding; it’s also essential for marking building features and providing helpful directions to help people navigate.

So, how is custom signage created? Read on to find out.

Types of Custom Signs

There are many types of custom signs, and they’re not all built in the same way.

For instance, Identity Group offers many different types of signs, but here are three examples:

  • Experiential graphics create an environment that exemplifies your brand. Through wall graphics and dimensional elements, you can elevate your space to foster staff creativity or client interaction.
  • Hotel signs are pivotal in the hospitality industry. They provide guests with navigation and safety information throughout the building. They should align with the hotel’s brand image and interior décor, creating a seamless brand experience.
  • ADA signs are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These include Braille and tactile signs, designed to be accessible for people with visual impairments. They feature high-contrast colors and large text, are installed at specific heights, and ensure inclusivity and accessibility.
  • 3D signage is ideal for commercial uses. These signs catch attention and stand out. They can be illuminated for extra visibility and are perfect for storefronts or interior feature walls.

Here’s Identity Group’s custom sign-making process:

1: Ideation

The first stage is ideation. Brainstorming ideas and transforming them into a feasible project is essential for getting a signage project off the ground.

You might have a rough idea of what you want or may have even produced some designs of your own. The goal is to refine initial ideas into something that can be translated into reality.

If you’re unsure of what you need, Identity Group can help you craft a unique, eye-catching design that stands out. Alternatively, we can work to refine your existing designs.

2: Scope

With a solid design in place, it’s time to define the project’s scope.

This involves establishing a clear roadmap for the sign creation and manufacturing process. Scoping is especially important for large projects, or when multiple signs are required. At the end of this step, designs are consolidated, and the project progresses toward wayfinding and creation.

3: Wayfinding

The third stage, wayfinding, maps out sign-specific details.

Based on designs, we create a detailed plan for the sign, its technical features, and any other accompanying signage. Maintaining continuity is crucial when multiple signs are involved, e.g., for large buildings or hotels.

4: Creation

Equipped with the roadmap from the first three steps, it’s time to start manufacturing the signs. Identity Group’s skilled team uses thermal compression technology to create detailed, durable signs with exceptionally aesthetic qualities.

The one-piece compression design ensures permanently fused tactile graphics. Moreover, thermally compressed signs are water resistant, and a broad range of substrates and configurations are available.

This technique guarantees a durable, high-quality product that can withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

5: Delivery & Installation

Once the sign is complete, we’ll deliver it to your business. Identity Group ensures you have everything to bring your signage to life, including hardware and detailed installation instructions.

Our team also offers professional installation services, taking the stress out of the process and ensuring your signage is installed correctly.

Create An Experiential Space With Identity Group Today

Creating custom signage is an art and a science. Here at Identity Group, we’ve mastered both.

Our process produces high-quality, effective signage that meets rigorous technical specifications. Allow our signs to transform your business.

So, if you’re considering custom signage for your business, contact Identity Group.