The Benefits of Visual Decor For Your Business

Whether you run a mom-and-pop type of shop or a chain of businesses, your brand identity and how people relate to it are paramount. Therefore, the visual decor you choose for your business (or businesses) is important. Keep reading to learn about visual decor and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Visual Decor?

Visual decor is the physical form of visual design. It’s how you go about implementing visual elements in a way that enhances your store’s overall aesthetic. That aesthetic is what potential and recurring customers will associate with your brand over time — and expect to see each time they return.

However, it’s more than simply hanging a few signs with your brand logo. It’s the color composition, typography, and overall hierarchy of your chosen visual elements. It expresses who you are as a brand and can be used to make a specific impression when presenting your products or services.

The Benefits of Visual Decor

Think about the last time you walked into a physical store. What was the first thing you noticed? What did that thing tell you about the store? How would you describe the type of store you were in based on what you saw when looking around?

Whatever you can recall about that store (barring any interactions with the employees) is directly related to the impression that the visual decor left with you — and that’s the whole point.

Therefore, when you invest in your visual decor, you’ll reap the following benefits:

It Boosts Brand Awareness and Name Recognition

When you have signs up in your store with your business name, logo, and catchphrase, you’re giving everyone who walks in something to remember you by.  In fact, 79% of all Americans say they remember a business based on its sign alone. The right visual decor will stay with them, so even if they don’t remember your actual business name, they’ll have something they can associate with it so that it’s recognizable as time goes on.

It Builds Trust and Credibility

Building trust and credibility are essential to the success of your business. The overall visual decor of your business is a direct line to building that trust and credibility.

Why? Because you can use your decor to display your authority, offer help, and create intimacy by providing a more unique experience as people walk around. The more well-thought-out your visual decor is, the more it’ll speak to your customers — and the more they’ll trust you.

It Builds Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Imagine not having any visual decor inside your business other than a simple sign with your business name. People already know what the name of your store is (unless it’s not on the door), however, they don’t already know what your brand is all about.

By choosing and strategically placing the right visual decor for your business, you’re telling a story. That story can be what your business stands for, how it came to be, and more.

It Boosts Employee Morale

Let’s face it, a plain workplace isn’t going to do you any good. If the surroundings are drab, your employees are going to feel bored. Conversely, if your visual decor is inspiring, upbeat, and fun, your employees will likely reflect what they see.

Happy employees are more productive as they take pride in their work and what your business stands for. So don’t just choose visual decor based on what your customers like — include your employees as well.

It Allows You to Stand Out From the Competition

Your visual decor is meant to leave an impression, but it’s also meant to differentiate you from similar businesses. Having the right visual decor throughout your store can help you stand out from the rest, especially if you choose different colors, symbols, and lettering.

The better your visual decor, the better chances you’ll have of people remembering your business before they even think of your competitors.

Let the Experts at Identity Group Help You With Your Visual Decor

Setting up the best possible visual decor for your store takes a good amount of creativity. Our team can help you strategically plan your business’s visual decor from concept to finish — come and see for yourself!