Is Custom Signage Effective for Businesses?

Quality, custom signage may seem like a luxurious purchase that won’t contribute much to your bottom line. But what if…

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Strategy for Creating an Environmental Retail Design

Ironically, the retail industry competes with itself for customers. For example, customers’ online shopping experience is very different from their…

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Create Custom Retail Display Signs With Identity Group

Are you looking for an all-in-one retail sign designer, manufacturer, and installer? Well, you’ve found us! Identity Group is the…

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The Importance of Retail Design

The truth about retail design is that it is much more than looks. Visual merchandising and store design expert Eric…

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The Best Ways to Utilize Floor Decals

Floor decal sales spiked in 2020 and 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically a large sticker, custom floor…

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G6 logo

Why Custom Office Signage Matters

Your advertising efforts have paid off: Your customer, client, or patient has entered your physical office space! They are patiently…

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ADA Sign with Braille

Difference Between Tactile Signage and Braille Signage

For able-bodied individuals who read signs with ease on a daily basis, the visibility and readability of signage is likely…

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Why You Should Invest in Professional Office Signs

Channel letters spell S-T-A-R-B-U-C-K-S C-O-F-F-E-E on every storefront of the coffee shop franchise. The words The Washington Post are illuminated…

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Identity Group Responds to Global Material Cost Increases, Shipment Delays

Identity Group, a full-service signage company for the world’s largest brands, has been working to maintain its product and service…

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Custom Signs 101: Building Your Brand

With today’s modern conveniences of graphic design and manufacturing, it would be easy to assume that custom signs are a…

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Benefits to Buying Your Signage in Bulk

For the hospitality industry, retail spaces, and many other businesses, signage – and lots of it – is essential because…

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What to Expect from a Wholesale Signage Manufacturer

Quality signage is important for your business, but don’t just take our word for it. A carefully designed business sign…

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General Business Sign Requirements: State & Local Needs

If you run a business or are considering it, you need to know you can’t just set up your lemonade…

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5 Custom Sign Designs with Identity Group

For those who think traditional advertising is dead, think again! One recent business study found that 72% of those surveyed…

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Benefits of Using Identity Group’s Digital Wholesale Solution

Identity Group has been providing quality wholesale signage for more than 67 years and, more recently, with the immediacy and…

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Custom ADA Signs carefully crafted to meet requirements for ADA Handicapped Signs & ADA Building Signage.

How Are Signs Built to be Vandalism-Proof?

When your architectural signage is vandalized, it would seem that your only options are either to cover-up the vandalism or…

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