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Identity Group is your single-source solution for high-quality signage and decor elements.

Why IdG?


We take our commitments seriously; we utilize a wide variety of materials that reflect the interior environment – merged with our custom design solutions yields superior results.

  • G7 Color Certification ensures consistent, repeatable colors across all print products.
  • Multiple facilities allow our client’s projects to process in the most efficient way possible.
  • Awarded “Achiever” status in Marriott’s Supplier Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP) 2022.
  • Multiple “Green Scene” awards for our work in reclaiming 10k lbs. of plastic material per year.
  • A centered focus on sustainable/recyclable raw materials whenever possible.

Services at Identity Group

We’re dedicated to your success — in and outside of the office. Prioritizing the health and wellness of our employees is a top priority. Here are a few of the benefits we offer at Identity Group:

Site/Matterport Surveys

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Take Offs / Planning

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Sign & Visual Décor Design

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Restoration Services

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Installation Services

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Augmented Reality

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Digital Wayfinding

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Acrylic Reclamation Services

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Fabrication Methods

We house an extensive array of equipment to produce a multitude of fabrication techniques

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Signage Offering

Our products are used to identify, direct, and inform the public as they navigate their environments

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Visual Décor

In a competitive retail atmosphere, our visual décor products set the tone for the consumer's experience

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Sign site surveys for high quality tours of 3D-models


  • Easily pull measurements of the location (Walls, room areas, and other elements)
  • Automatic blurring of faces or personal information for privacy
  • All surveys are saved online and can be viewed at any time and place
  • Surveys can also be shared, allowing for real-time collaboration and the ability to visit the site virtually reducing travel costs and time
  • Quickly and easily create high-quality tours of your 3D model


  • On-Site Surveys and/or planning based on architectural documents
  • Directional Sign Effectiveness
  • Code Compliancy
  • Documenting existing signage impact due to pending renovations
  • Signage consistency and maintenance review


  • Concept design for signage and Visual Décor elements
  • Design adaptation/extension services
  • Signage design standards creation and maintenance
  • Message schedule creation and maintenance
  • Evacuation/Campus and Directory map creation


  • De-branding and removals
  • Vendor review, selection and hiring
  • Coordination/Scheduling of paint, carpet and other 3rd parties
  • Troubleshooting and punch list management
  • Invoicing and vendor payment management


  • Installation of signage and visual décor elements
  • Utilization of both internal and external partners nationwide
  • Within 24-hours of completion, report on job with imagery
  • Installers (where applicable) up to date on state and municipal code laws


  • Transforms analog signs into immersive digital experiences
  • Can link to static images, audio, and video to signs & decor with your mobile device
  • No QR Code required
  • Information can be updated and managed locally (no hosting required)
  • Ability to link to websites (conference room booking, menus, etc…)
  • Third-Party Data System Integration
  • Location-based push notifications


  • Transforms your mobile device into a digital wayfinder using Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Can replace directed tours / reduce stress in navigating new space while elevating brand
  • No QR Code or Wifi/Cell Signal is required
  • Interactive AR elements can be added
  • AR content can be managed locally (In some cases)
  • Saleable Data-Mining from user base
  • Third-Party Data System Integration


Identity Group (or one of your existing vendors) can help “de-brand” your existing site during restoration. All existing acrylic signage would be collected and sent for recycling for the existing location or could be used for future projects.

This process would ensure a 100% closed loop system virtually eliminating any need for new materials.

Identity Group will also provide statistics on materials received and analytics on the carbon emission reduction achieved by using Recrylic.

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