The Importance of Color Contrast For Signage Accessibility

If you use signage in your business, you know how essential it is in passing information or marketing. It helps your customers get the information they need and navigate the space that they’re in. However, are you certain that your signage is efficiently accessible to everyone?

One of the main reasons your signage may not communicate efficiently is the poor choice of colors. Color is an important tool in signage, and a high color contrast enhances accessibility by ensuring that the text is readable and visible. Keep reading to learn why color contrast is important for your signage accessibility.

What Is Color Contrast?

Color contrast refers to the distinction between the background and foreground colors in signage. Different color combinations bring out different levels of contrast, making words legible and easier to read. The eyes see the color, but the brain interprets the information according to its appeal.

For example, using orange and pink together might look nice, but that is low color contrast and may not be visible in signage. For high color contrast, you need to use colors that are not closely similar, like black and white, to increase visibility.

Importance Of Using Color Contrast For Signage Accessibility

When your signage is accessible, many people, including the intended audience, can get the information. Information on your signage should be accessible to all, regardless of their visual abilities, age, or situation. Signage accessibility will not only give you a business advantage, but it is also a legal requirement.

Color has a special effect on individuals, influencing moods and behavior. More than 80% of buyers are drawn to products by color. Utilizing color contrast is beneficial to your business for the following reasons:

Improves User Experience

High-contrast colors improves user experience by making a great impression on walk-in and existing customers giving them 100% satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to return, creating revenue for your business. On the flip side, you might lose potential customers to your competition due to the inaccessibility of your signage services.

Effectively Communicates the Message

Accessible signage makes all your employees feel appreciated, boosting their confidence and job performance. In addition, high-contrast colors on signs effectively pass real-time information to employees, increasing productivity. The convenience of passing information simultaneously to different departments in your business also saves the company money.

Legal Compliance

Using color contrast for signage accessibility keeps your business compliant with regulations and helps you avoid legal fines. The Americans with Disabilities Act fights for equality in accessing signage for all, despite their visual disabilities. Color contrast in signage ensures that people living with disabilities can safely move into your business without help.

Makes Your Establishment More Inclusive

Using red and green in your signage may be inaccessible for people with color vision deficiencies. Similarly, using small fonts may be hard for aging people with cognitive disabilities to read. However, quality color contrasts help people with disabilities feel accommodated in your establishment.

Improves Aesthetics

High-quality, accessible signage not only enhances aesthetics but also creates brand awareness and positively affects your business. Leverage high-contrast colors to showcase your brand and memorably launch new products. Color plays an important role in marketing, as consumers will likely recognize a brand by its colors.

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