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A Guide To ADA-Compliant Signs

ADA-Compliant signs feature raised letters, graphics, braille and other tactile elements to provide vital architectural and wayfinding information to people with disabilities so that they can easily navigate through a building. ADA-Compliant signs are required by law for buildings and facilities built for the public use.

What Makes A Sign

With a variety of regulations in place, creating or finding the right ADA-complaint signage can feel challenging. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when shopping for ADA signs.

Signs with Braille for ADA Compliant Signs

Grade 2 Braille

Braille must be displayed on all ADA-compliant signs below the corresponding text. The braille dots must be rounded or dome shaped and 1.5 mm to 1.6. mm in diameter and between 0.6 and 0.9 mm in height.

Character Contrast for ADA Compliant Signs

Character Contrast

Characters and symbols are more visible for people with impaired vision when they contrast as much as possible with the sign background. For this reason, most ADA-compliant signs feature a dark background with light text and symbols, or a contrast ratio of at least 70%.

Installation for ADA Compliant Signs


Code-compliant signs identifying a permanent room or space need to be installed adjacent to the door they are marking to ensure that they are easy to location. Additionally, signs will need to be 48inches minimum above the finished floor or ground.

Tactile Letter for ADA Compliant Signs

Tactile Letter

Tactile letters must be uppercase and written in sans-serif font(with some exceptions). The spacing between characters should be 1/8thinches minimum and the edges of all raised text should be smooth, not rough or sharp.

No Glare Finish for ADA Compliant Signs

No Glare Finish

ADA-compliant signs must have a background and characters that do not create a glare or reflection. There is an exception for parking and traffic signs. Eliminating glare helps those with impaired vision read more easily.

Disclaimer: This page is meant as a general guide. It does not describe every guideline required for ADA-compliant signs.
For a full resource, please see the most recent ADA Standards
. Identity Group is not responsible for code-compliance issues.

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