Why Custom Office Signage Matters

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Your advertising efforts have paid off: Your customer, client, or patient has entered your physical office space! They are patiently waiting in the welcome area for a meeting, a business deal, or an appointment. The question is: What do you want them to see and take away from being in your office?  

Whether you choose custom signage for the lobby, custom nameplates or door plaques, room signage, entry and exit signs, or a combination of these, here are a few reasons why making your signage unique and specific to your business matters:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Brand Consistency
  3. Navigation
  4. Innovation

Identity Group has cemented itself as the largest interior sign manufacturer in the U.S. We’ve perfected our process, but we would love the opportunity to craft signage that is right for your business. Contact us today! 


One of the easiest and most compelling ways to send the message that you are a quality business? Professional, custom signage. Custom signs make your business stand out 1) if they are unique, and 2) if they use high-end materials and proper design elements.

Besides, professionalism is about presentation. So, what do you want your presentation to say? If your customer is an investor, your professional signage might be sleek and sophisticated. If your customer is a child, your professional signage might include bright colors and shapes.

As an added bonus, professional and thoughtful signage can even contribute to your employees’ overall satisfaction and productivity! In place of blank walls, think of your signage as an opportunity to create an atmosphere that encourages workplace pride and teamwork.

Brand Consistency

HubSpot, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and developer for marketing and customer service tools, says your brand identity focuses on the personality and values of your company. 

Your ability to consistently communicate your brand, then, reinforces who you are and what you are providing your customers. When your signage reflects your brand, you are subconsciously continuing the narrative and building trust with your customers.

For example, a women’s clinic that has branded, purple signage matching the advertisements a patient encountered prior to her first visit assures her she is in the right place upon walking in the door.


You’ve probably been in an office or business space where getting around was confusing, if not overwhelming! This is often because standard navigation and wayfinding signage – like entry and exit signs – aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every office space.

Wayfinding should act as a guide and create a pathway for your guest(s) throughout your business space. And wayfinding navigation can be more than informational or regulatory; it can be incredibly creative!

While it should not be considered a form of advertising necessarily, custom navigation signage can adopt similar practices used in advertising with the goal of appealing to customers. A few examples include clever phrasing, beautiful designs, and use of quality materials.


In an industry that’s rapidly evolving, and a world of competitive branding and marketing efforts, you cannot afford to be left behind.

That’s why Identity Group is committed to creating innovative and timeless solutions for our clients. We are an invaluable partner for some of the most iconic brands: Marriott Bonvoy, Amazon, and the NFL.

Reach out to us, and let’s build something great together!