Lee Brantley

Chief People Officer

Chat more with Lee:

I have a knack for being able to say the right thing at the right time. It’s a talent that has always helped me diffuse difficult situations when they arise and guide people through their personal struggle.

I specialize in the people of IdG – and every facet tied to them.

At the core of the company, there is a real resilience to find the right answer to any challenge – no matter the height of the mountain.  It’s a commonality the leaders here share, and it’s a quality I’m personally proud of.

If you ask my coworkers, they’ll tell you I speak in Lee-isms. For example, I often tell my staff that we need to “stop managing from our knees, and start managing from our feet.” In other words, we can’t bow down or succumb to negative attitudes or an awkward situation, we must stand on our feet and make the tough calls to succeed.

People would be surprised to learn that IdG is the largest interior sign manufacturing company in the U.S.

Our primary customer five years from now is going to include individuals like my wife and not just the large businesses like Staples – which is extremely exciting! The evolution we are undergoing currently will provide a runway for our staff to connect with our clients on a whole new level, an opportunity to be even more personable. It’s innovation like this that gets me good and tingly.

As far as mottos go, I simply believe that all people are good and want to do the right thing. It’s a mindset with which I approach just about every situation.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Tech, but interestingly I didn’t go into that field of work after college. Ultimately, I fell into Human Resources working for an automotive company who went on a hiring streak and needed someone who enjoyed people enough to run a series of interviews. I found out I had a proclivity for connecting with people and assessing their best qualities. Plus, I liked to talk a lot. Still do.

I’m not afraid to make tough decisions, it’s how I believe I’ve gotten this far in my career. That, and the fact that I love people. But I’ve learned along the way that most people won’t make the call, especially if it’s a tough call. It’s simply something that comes naturally to me.

I don’t like to watch people struggle. I have to jump in and help.

Knowing I may make a positive impact on my coworkers’ lives is everything. To help our staff achieve their goals both personally and career-wise is what brings me to work every day. In so many ways I know my role is bigger than me, but I’m honored to play my part.