Benefits of Using Identity Group’s Digital Wholesale Solution


Identity Group has been providing quality wholesale signage for more than 67 years and, more recently, with the immediacy and convenience of online orders. Our digital wholesale solutions are quickly becoming the go-to for our repeat and new customers alike, making it easy to shop and customize their orders stress-free. It’s safe to say that’s also why our signage sales have reached over 10 million, and are growing!

From start to finish, Identity Group values making this process easy for you! That includes making your online shopping experience a positive one.

What are the benefits of placing your orders online with IDG?

  • Order the Standard in Hospitality & Retail
  • Customize Your Signs
  • Easily Manage Your Online Orders
  • Don’t Stress About ADA Compliance
  • Put IDG in Charge of Your Signage

Let Identity Group handle your standard signage, or create custom-designs for you!

Order the Standard in Hospitality & Retail

Identity Group signage happens to be the popular choice for hospitality brands like Hyatt and Marriott, retail brands like Macy’s, and more! And, if you are in the hospitality industry, specifically, ordering signage for your hotel line has never been easier; we supply a wide range of branded hospitality signs. All you have to do is browse to find your brand, then place your order!

Or, maybe you don’t need anything special; you just need signage that communicates clearly, looks professional, and is ADA compliant. Say no more! Identity Group offers stock nameplates and ADA designs that you can order in just a few clicks.

Customize Your Signs

Our standard but customizable signs are an excellent choice for retail, commercial businesses, and corporate offices. With our IDG Studio, you can easily customize your sign orders according to your unique needs.

You can choose from a selection of sign shapes, colors, materials, and text options that best align with your branding and style. And, if you find you need more, you can easily return to the original purchase on your account and order it again!

Easily Manage Your Online Orders

Speaking of your account: From placing an order to tracking your web order’s delivery, Identity Group makes it easy to manage your account with us. And because we believe in VIP customer treatment, you can contact our account representatives via phone, direct message, or email about any questions you have or issues you may encounter.

For example, is your organization tax exempt? We provide a tax exempt form that you can easily fill-out and submit so that this specification will be applied to your order. Upon review, one of our account representatives will happily switch your account over to tax-exempt status.

Don’t Stress About ADA Compliance

You don’t have to speak with an IDG representative to ensure you are following ADA compliance guidelines. All of our signs are ADA compliant!

At Identity Group, we strive to provide signs that meet local, state, and federal codes. We also will inform you of any compliance issues we find with your order before your project moves into the creation phase. If you’d like to confirm this about your order before submitting, we also have provided an ADA compliance quick guide and most recent ADA standards, for your reference.

Put IDG in Charge of Your Signage

You have lots of other important things to do, and signage is our specialty! Let Identity Group simplify your task of ordering signs for your interior spaces.

Place your order online with Identity Group today!