Why You Should Provide Building Directory Signs


There are a lot of considerations that need to be implemented in a public-facing building. Some of them are required by law, some of them might be required by contract, but some of them are up to the discretion of management.

Many commercial complexes host a variety of tenants. These tenants are operating various businesses under the same roof, but they expect their own needs to be met.

One such need is the ability for members of the public to find their business.

Decorative decisions will have an impact on people’s enjoyment of the space, but they won’t impact the functionality of a particular location. There are certain measures that can be taken that benefit every visitor in your building, as well as your commercial tenants.

Building directory signs are informative considerations that can help people in various ways.

Here are 6 reasons you should provide building directory signs:

  • Saves Your Guests From Confusion
  • Helps Your Tenants
  • Provides Guidance in Emergencies
  • A Lost Guest Won’t Stay Long
  • They Can Be Used in Multiple Areas
  • It’s Expected


Saves Your Guests From Confusion

The main benefit of building directory signs is that it provides an easy way for your guests to figure out where they’re trying to go. These signs will provide a listing of every tenant in the complex, along with directions on how to find them. This could be a room or floor number, or maybe even just an arrow.

A properly-placed building directory sign will quickly alert a new guest to the location of the business they are looking for. This saves them the confusion of wandering around and keeps the entrance to the building free from a congregation of people.


Helps Your Tenants

This same service that helps your guests will also help your tenants. Businesses need customers and clients. And businesses that can’t be found simply won’t be accessible by potential customers and clients. Every business needs a way to make money. This can’t happen without people to use their services or products.

As a commercial building owner, you want to do everything you can to ensure the success of your tenants. Providing necessary tools to help their customers find them will provide a great service and assist them in their success.

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Provides Guidance in Emergencies

Large office buildings and other commercial buildings can become a bit of a maze if you aren’t very familiar with your surroundings. Each corner looks like the next and getting lost can be unfortunately easy. On any normal day, this can be annoying. But in the case of an emergency, this can be dangerous.

Building directory signs can be used to convey any and all important information to your guests, visitors, and tenants. Emergencies create a bit of a frenzy. And if a quick evacuation is necessary, it can be difficult to collect your thoughts.

Building directory signs help point people in the right direction when they need it the most.


A Lost Guest Won’t Stay Long

Nobody likes to feel confused. Becoming lost will make a person feel frustrated and give them a reason to turn around and walk right back out the door.

Building directory signs act as a means of showing the guest where they are looking to go, but beyond that, it provides them a level of comfort. Knowing where you currently are and where you are going avoids any feelings of anxiety and allows them to visit your tenants to take care of business.


The Can Be Used in Multiple Areas

Building directory signs are useful in a variety of situations. The lobby of a commercial building with multiple tenants is a great place to offer a building directory sign. This lets anybody who walks in the door know exactly where to go to find the area they need.

However, a building directory sign can also be used in the instance of a location having multiple entrances. The sign can be placed outdoors to point people in the right direction so they can find their destination as easily as possible.

Even parking garages can make use of a building directory sign. Different floors most likely lead to different areas and you can give guests this information before they even get out of their cars.


It’s Expected

Building directory signs are so useful that they are utilized in just about every applicable situation. Guests and visitors will be looking for these signs as soon as they walk in, and will be confused if they aren’t able to find them.

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