What to Expect from a Wholesale Sign Manufacturer

Quality signage is important for your business, but don’t just take our word for it. A carefully designed business sign actually reduces the need for other forms of advertising, according to the Small Business Association. On the other hand, damaged signs, misspellings, and non-ADA compliant signage are just a few examples that can negatively impact your business.

Working with a full-service wholesale signage company ensures you will have the best quality signs for your business (and at the best price). But what else can you expect when buying signage from a wholesale manufacturer?

We can’t speak for other wholesale signage companies, but as a customer of Identity Group, you can expect:

  1. Products That Make A Statement
  2. Customization
  3. ADA-Compliance

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Wholesale Signage Makes A Statement

If you’re in the world of business, then you know the value of a first impression as well as consistent branding. In fact, every aspect of your branding contributes to your company’s credibility in the eyes of your customers, and your signage is an integral part of this.

Whether you need hotel signs, retail signs, visual décor, or straightforward informational signage, Identity Group provides professional and quality signage that makes a statement – through its creativity and accuracy.

That’s why a few of our well-recognized partners include Amazon, NFL, Hilton, Salesforce, Keurig, Staples, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, and more.

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Customization of Wholesale Signs

We’re living in the world of modern branding, complete with typography, color, texture, and multiple logo variations. Your company might need customized signage for desks, wayfinding through a campus, not to mention a giant sign for the lobby.

A wholesale sign manufactur can do it all for your brand. From selecting the shape, color, and materials to working with in-house designers, you can manufacture signage that subtly reflects or completely captures what is unique to your business.

If you’re looking for expertise, a long-term partnership, or both, you’re definitely in the right place! In fact, Identity Group is an industry leader in custom designs and installations.

Wholesale ADA Compliance Signage

Wholesale ADA-compliant signage is not only inclusive for your customers of every ability, it is also required under the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA guidelines consider contrast ratios, no-glare finishes, tactical letters, and braille.

Today’s best brands are conscious of every possible customer who may come in contact with their company. But by partnering with a wholesale manufacturer, they can trust the signage’s ADA requirements are met and also beautifully-designed.

All of Identity Group’s signs are ADA compliant, and we provide our partners with ADA Compliance Guidelines. We also offer ADA sign designs for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, offices, and stadiums, to name a few.


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