Top Benefits of ADA Compliant Handicapped Signs

A large portion of your customers will benefit from including ADA Handicapped signs since more than 61 million Americans currently live with a disability. It is imperative that businesses understand how handicapped sign solutions can help their customers, even though most are required by law to provide ADA compliant signage.

If you provide your diverse customers with appropriate signage, information, and directions, your business will retain and attract these customers as well as stand out. What is the benefit of these signs to your business and to your customers? How important are ADA Handicapped Signs?

Here are some of the top benefits of ADA compliant handicapped signs:

  • Communicate Your Brand
  • Make Your Business Accessible for People with Disabilities
  • Protect Customers
  • Provide an Extra Level of Care

Communicate Your Brand

When incorporating any type of signs into your business, the visual appeal is a necessary step to pay attention to. In order to communicate your brand and promote safety within your establishment, you’ll want ADA compliant signs that have a non-glare finish, uppercase letters, and easily denotable accessibility symbols.

While you can create custom signs that incorporate your brand’s color scheme and font styles while still following ADA guidelines, these types of signs will need to be easily recognizable and accessible to those with a disability. When ordering your ADA compliant signs, be sure your distributor follows proper sizing guidelines as well.

Make Your Business Accessible for People with Disabilities

Whenever a customer is trying to access and navigate a business, they are going to look for the quickest and easiest option possible. For customers with special needs, such as those with mobility issues, deafness or blindness, this is especially important. For these customers to locate your business or find out more about your products or services, placing ADA Compliant Handicapped signs will be crucial.

Use handicapped signs to tell people where to park, how to navigate, where the bathroom is located, how tall the sink is, and more. Your business establishment can create ADA signs to assist your customers with mobility difficulties in finding the appropriate area.

In order to ensure they’re easy to read, ADA compliant signs use high-contrast, tactile letters as well as Braille. Establishing trust with disabled customers can help you increase revenue in your business when you incorporate ADA handicapped signs.

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Protect Customers

The ADA now requires that most places of business display handicapped-accessible signs on their premises, so failing to complete this requirement may attract lawsuits and other legal trouble. Placing ADA-compliant handicapped signs throughout your business can prevent you from having to pay hefty fines or deal with angry customers. There may be some customers who can easily and safely navigate through your business, but not all of them!

It can be costly, time consuming, and energy consuming to resolve safety-related issues in your business. In some cases, your business might be forced to stop functioning.

It’s important for your business and your customers who have disabilities to have proper ADA Handicapped signage. To protect your disabled customers, you need to install the right business signs. In addition to warning customers about potential safety risks, you can also use these signs to inform them of any other workplace hazards that may occur at your business location.

Provide an Extra Level of Care

Make sure you take into account what is required of your establishment when creating ADA Handicapped signs when making your decision. You must display ADA compliant signs throughout your business. However, they don’t have to interfere with the overall feel and look of your brand. Your space can be enhanced when you use premium signs to display code-required signage on-brand.

Make sure you go the extra mile to provide your customers of all kinds with custom signage solutions. Your disabled customers will appreciate the extra effort you make with your look if you do the same for them.

To convey to your customers your level of respect, make sure your signs are accessible and ADA-compliant. Consequently, your establishment will be much more welcoming to disabled clients.

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