Tips for Creating Effective Brand Signs


Were you aware that 50% of consumers report that companies with poorly designed brand signs will deter them from engaging with that business? When it comes to your business, showcasing a cohesive, attractive company is important. That’s where effective brand signs come into play.

If you’re looking to boost your business, updating your brand signs may be a good choice for you. Or, if you’re looking to start a business, you’re going to need to establish a cohesive brand look and feel, with the help of premiere brand signage. Unsure of where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to help.

Here are a few tips for creating effective brand signs for your business:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Think About Color Schemes
  • Ensure Readability
  • Keep it Consistent
  • Size & Location Matter


Keep it Simple

When it comes to your brand signs, you need them to visually grab the attention of your potential customer and maintain their attention, all while creating a lasting impact. Often, attempts to create captivating signage can lead to overly complicated templates. This can in turn do the opposite of what you had intended, leaving your audience confused. When creating your brand signs, you’ll want to keep the old cliche of less is more in mind.

Simplicity is key when creating your brand signs if you want to captivate, inform and inspire your customers. To ensure your audience understands your brand immediately, you may want to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Is each element absolutely necessary for my sign to be compelling?
  • Which features are most important to have in my brand sign?
  • Is my sign clever or confusing?
  • Which creative elements are most important to my brand?

Keeping your sign simple can be a challenge. However, creating an effective brand sign identity is important for your business. If you’re unsure of how to keep your designs simple yet effective, look into outsourcing your brand sign design needs.


Think About Color Schemes

Did you know that colors have a big impact on our moods and responses to stimuli? In fact, utilizing color guides as you create your brand signage can be quite influential.

For example, warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow tend to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. If your brand focuses on these core emotions, you may want to think about incorporating these color elements into your designs.

When it comes to choosing your color palette, don’t make the mistake of using colors that are too similar. This can quickly make your signage look muddy and loses the value it provides to your customers. Be sure to create legible, emotion provoking colors that connect with your brand for your signs.

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Ensure Readability

Illegibility is one of the most detrimental mistakes one could make when creating their brand sign. To avoid losing potential customers due to a lack of readability, you’ll want to ensure your signs get it right the first time. Make sure your customers don’t strain to read your brand signs by focusing on these few items:

  • Font: Keep it simple and legible.
  • Size: Keep typeface large enough to read.
  • Spacing: Ensure proper spacing between letters and words.
  • Word Count: Again, keep it simple. Don’t lose your audience by including too many words in your brand signs.


Keep it Consistent

Effective signage quickly becomes an extension of your brand and marketing efforts. What comes with this is the ability for consumers to recognize your brand immediately. That is, if consistency is kept in mind. Consistency is crucial throughout a business, but especially when it comes to visual design elements.

This does not mean you need to create a boring and repetitive brand sign. However, your signs do need to reflect your brand in some way. This is key to connecting with your audience. An effective sign will use the same colors, fonts, and messaging as its business. This way, customers will be able to grasp what your business is about based on your signs.


Size & Location Matter

Does your business have a physical brick and mortar location? If so, sizing and positioning your effective brand signs is imperative to the success of your signage. If placed in an unsuitable location, the success of your sign greatly diminishes.

Many areas have local rules about the size, shape, and content of physically positioned signs. Depending on the location of your business, you may need to obtain approval from your building owner or follow state sign guidelines before permanently placing your brand sign.

Besides these regulations, you want to make sure your sign is going to stand out in its unique location. If you need more than one sign, you’ll probably want to design several versions of the same brand sign customized to suit different locations.

When creating your brand signs, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who should be able to see the sign?
  • Where is my target audience?
  • Where will my sign get the most exposure?
  • Will it stand out in this environment?
  • Will it clash with its surroundings?


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