The Balance of Informative and Attractive Custom Retail Signs


As informational and attractive signs can on average increase sales revenue by 4.75%, how do you go about balancing the two goals? When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, custom retail signs can make or break your visual efforts.

As a business owner, you’ve likely put a lot of thought and work into the interior design of your business. You have a specific mood you want to invoke in your visitors— while keeping them informed. Finding the balance between informative and attractive can be challenging when creating or purchasing retail signs for your business. When you create custom signs with Identity Group, you have the chance to work with design professionals who will be able to do just that.

However, if you’re looking to take a more DIY approach to your custom retail signage, we’ve compiled a list of some things you may want to consider when placing and creating your signs.

Here are some ways to balance informative with attractiveness in your custom retail signs:

  • Think About Custom Sign Placement
  • Color Schemes are Important
  • Incorporate Brand Design Elements
  • Create Variety
  • Keep It Simple
  • Work With the Professionals


Think About Custom Sign Placement

When considering the balanced nature of your custom signs, one of the first things to consider is going to be the location. Based on various safety and ADA regulations, many informational or safety signs will have requirements as to where they can be placed in or outside of your business. Other general types of custom signs can be placed in areas where they are expected— like a wet floor sign. Keep your signs from sticking out like a sore thumb by honing in one placement.

Often, customers will internalize a sign when they find it in an expected place. This can help convey the necessary information while not taking away from the look and feel of your business.


Color Schemes are Important

As with most branding tactics, there will be many color options for you to choose from when creating your custom signage. Even stock signage for considerations such as exits, bathrooms, and more can be altered to fit within the surrounding interior features of your business.

The color scheme of your signage is one of the easiest ways to make it fit within your brand and make it attractive to your customers. You want your signs to stand out enough so customers see them, but not too much to where they don’t make sense with the ambience of your business. If you’re unsure about your color schemes, opt to work with a custom sign company to get the best advice you can.

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Incorporate Brand Design Elements

The easiest way to make sure you balance informational and attractiveness is incorporate your brand elements into your sign designs. As with the proper color schemes, incorporating design elements specific to your brand can easily create a cohesive look in and outside your business.

This can include anything from color scheme, typeface, symbols, shape, size, and accents to help signs blend in with their surroundings— while continuing to stand out enough to get your message across.


Create Variety

As we said earlier, there are going to be a variety of signs needed throughout your establishment. While this gives you the opportunity to include different designs, you’ll also need to think about balance in all of your signage as well. Variance will help to keep your layout from looking stale, but make sure to maintain similarities throughout your interior signs.

Aligning your interior signs with the colors and textures of surrounding items is important and can keep your space visually balanced. With sign variety, you’ll still want your custom retail signs to be aligned with one another. Various types of signs that adhere to a theme further the intentionality of your overall interior design.


Keep It Simple

A good way to balance informative and attractive signs is to keep things simple. You know the saying— less is more. That rings true when it comes to your interior and exterior custom retail signs. Signs don’t have to be in your face to be attractive or informational to your guests. Don’t overload them with too many visuals. You’re going to want your signs to be understood at a quick glance.

Basic graphics following your brand guidelines will do a great job of getting your point across. The point is to make your signs informative but unobtrusive— so let the surrounding design elements take the majority of your customer’s focus and attention.


Work With the Professionals

The best way to make sure your interior signs are not only informing your customers, but looking great while they do it, is to work with a professional. Identity Group helps their clients to find the signage that works best for their space.

Are you in need of custom retail signs that provide aesthetically pleasing visuals while portraying necessary information?

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