Safety Signs Offers Multiple Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

Safety Signs Offers Multiple Ways to Keep Your Business Safe_Safety signage_Identity Group_Nashville TN

Safety signs are possibly the most important signs you can provide for your business. The physical safety of your customers and employees is top priority. These signs give them the information they need to avoid potential dangers and act accordingly should a dangerous situation arise.

There are numerous scenarios that can be addressed with safety signage. Being aware of the possibilities helps you to offer all the necessary guidance to keep the people in your business safe.

Here are the ways safety signs help visitors and employees of your business:

  • Floor Graphics Provide Guidance
  • Emergency Signs Give Quick Direction
  • Mandate Signs Offer Helpful Reminders
  • Accessibility Signs Offer Comfort
  • Warning Signs Alert to Danger
  • Exit Signs Can Save Lives

Floor Graphics Provide Guidance

COVID-19 is a major concern right now. Floor graphics are a great way to remind people about social distancing and give them direct guidance on spacing six feet apart. These graphics can be placed directly on the floor so they are unobtrusive and attractive.

Floor graphics are a great option at any time. They work very well as wayfinding signage — directing people toward a particular destination. This not only helps customers and visitors to find exactly where they need to go, it also keeps them from wandering into restricted areas.

Emergency Signs Give Quick Direction

Emergency signs such as “In Case of Fire Use Stairs” signs offer essential information in easy-to-understand formats. They often make use of both graphics and text to get the point across quickly. This is a huge asset to anybody in the area when an emergency breaks out.

Chances are that your visitors won’t know the layout of your building. This creates confusion if they are in an emergency situation. Every second counts when something goes wrong. This is why it’s helpful for your visitors to easily find these emergency signs. They’ll know exactly what to do when a drastic situation occurs.

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Mandate Signs Offer Helpful Reminders

All dangers to people’s health are not as obvious as a fire. Sometimes simple cleanliness can provide health benefits. This is why it’s mandated by law that food service establishments hang signs in their bathrooms reminding all employees to wash their hands.

Other examples of helpful safety sign mandates are when entering areas that produce loud noises. You might come across a sign that reminds everyone that ear protection must be worn in the area.

These signs help remind people that proper practices can keep them as well as people around them healthy.

Accessibility Signs Offer Comfort

People have different needs. An area that might be easily-traversed by one individual might be a difficult task for another. This is why accessibility signs are often required throughout public-facing establishments.

The location of wheelchair ramps, braille lettering, and handicap restrooms all help to make sure everyone can comfortably visit your business. Providing these safety signs to your customers shows them that you operate an inclusive business.

Accessibility signs help direct people toward these considerations. Some might assume accessible options don’t exist if they aren’t alerted to their locations. This could lead someone to try to navigate an area they might otherwise avoid — such as a staircase. Give your visitors all the information they need with safety signage.

Warning Signs Alert to Danger

Even the smallest accidents can create large problems. Something as simple as slipping on a wet floor can leave a person severely injured.

The good news is that there are safety signs that can be easily moved precisely over the problem to alert passersby of the danger. “Slippery When Wet” signs are the most common example of these types of warning signs.

However, there are more permanent versions of these signs that can alert people to other types of danger. For instance, “High Voltage” signs let people know to keep their distance from a potentially-harmful situation.

Exit Signs Can Save Lives

It’s absolutely essential that everyone in your building knows how to get out. This is not only a standard consideration for people that simply want to leave the building and go about their day — it’s also a safety concern.

Fires, earthquakes, and other potentially-harmful situations will lead people to quickly flee a building. The danger to their physical health can grow quite a bit if they are unable to find their way out of the building quickly and easily.

A simple exit sign lets people know exactly where to go. It’s a small consideration that can have huge benefits.

Safety signs come in a wide variety of forms. There might even be a few examples that you didn’t realize actually help keep people safe. So be sure to provide all the information your guests need to stay safe and healthy.

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