Required Signage for Commercial Facilities

As millions of people in the United States deal with a disability, incorporating the right ADA compliant signs into your business is important. As a business owner, you’ll want to present your business in the most welcoming way possible, not just because it is required by law.

At Identity Group, we help provide businesses with the proper, regulated ADA compliant signs that blend cohesively with your brand. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of compliant signs your business may need.

Here’s what you need to know about the types of ADA compliant signs your business will need:

  1. Safety Signage
  2. Basic Identification Signs
  3. Informational Signs
  4. Wayfinding Signage
  5. Overhead Signs
  6. Implementing Required Signage with Identity Group

Safety Signage

Safety signs are likely to be one of the most important types of ADA compliant signs your business will have to incorporate. A safety sign can be used to mark exits, stairwells, as well as provide information on potential hazards.

Having these types of signs is extremely important for both your employees and your customers. Individuals with disabilities may find it difficult to recognize potential hazards specific to your business. With these ADA compliant safety signs, your business can offer a helping hand while protecting your customers.

Basic Identification Signs

You’ll likely also need to incorporate basic identification signs into your signage solution plan to comply with ADA requirements. In your office or retail space, these types of signs will need to clearly identify a particular area. Basic, accessible identification signs throughout your space, not only promote inclusivity but help to guide your customers who need some extra help. Identification signs can be anything from pointing out designated bathroom areas, to water fountains, exit doors and more.

Informational Signs

Required sign guidelines will also mandate that your business incorporate informational signs as well. Informational signs will need to communicate important details about a place or area. These can include anything from the following & more:

  • No Food Allowed
  • Where/How to Pay for Parking
  • Your Business Hours of Operation
  • Other Unique Details About Your Business

If you’re still unsure where to place your compliant signage, a custom sign distributor can help guide you through the entire process. Informational signs provide that extra level of comfort for those dealing with daily disabilities.

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Wayfinding Signage

When it comes to required signage for any commercial facility, directional signs are important. Wayfinding signage can function just as it states, helping direct visitors to where they need to go. Incorporating wayfinding signs into your required sign solutions will help those with disabilities easily work their way through your business without any hesitation or worry. Signs denoting directions throughout your facility can be a strong indication of how your business is laid out, and can provide an extra layer of support for your customers who need it.

Overhead Signs

Overhead signs are another type of required signage that can often be overlooked. To qualify as an overhead sign, you’ll want to mount your required signage on a wall or in the ceiling with overhead support.

These types of signs are extremely helpful for those dealing with daily disabilities. With that in mind, even simple aspects regarding the layout of your business can be missed as a customer with a disability peruses your business. Overhead signs can ensure everyone will have the proper accessibile access throughout your building. In this instance, creating custom ADA compliant signage for your business can come in handy.

When incorporating any type of signs into your business, the visual appeal is a necessary step to pay attention to. You’ll want to ensure your ADA compliant signs include a non-glare finish, uppercase letters, and easily denotable accessibility symbols. Similarly, be sure your distributor follows proper sizing guidelines as well.

Implementing Required Signage with Identity Group

Having ADA compliant signage means that all customers will be able to access the goods and services they need in your business. Regardless of the industry you’re in, or how many buildings you own, you will want to ensure that you’re meeting ADA requirements.

Creating custom ADA signs has never been easier with Identity Group. At Identity Group, we’ve been creating and manufacturing interior signs for over 67 years. Founded in the 1950s, we spent decades perfecting our process and forming partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the industry; cementing ourselves as the largest interior sign manufacturer in the United States. Today we have more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space spanning across the nation.

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