Provide Guidance With Social Distancing Hospitality Signs

2020 has been full of unique challenges. It’s important to be on top of these changes and to get the necessary infrastructure incorporated into your business as early as possible.

Hospitals, restaurants, bars, and many other types of businesses will greatly benefit from hospitality signs that provide guidance on your rules. There are a lot of new guidelines for businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These should be communicated to your customers and visitors as clearly as possible.

You’ve put a lot of effort into curating the perfect experience for your customers. This includes the visual aesthetics of your space. However, utilizing informative social distancing signs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the visual appeal of your business.

Here are some unique signs you should incorporate to provide guidance to your customers.

Social Distancing Signage

Any establishment with a lot of foot traffic or frequently sees customers or guests in a line can benefit from social distancing signage. There are a couple ways to do this. First, you need to consider how often your customers create a line. Second, the amount of available space should be taken into account.

Use this information to decide on the type of signage that would work best for your space. The first option is to place guiding graphics on the floor that are spaced six feet apart. This is the recommended distance to control the spread of the virus.

The second option is simply place a sign in a stanchion asking your customers to distance themselves from each other.

These hospitality signs are very useful to keep everybody on the same page.

Face Mask Signage

Face coverings are another CDC-recommended precaution that is quickly becoming required in many types of establishments. There are a variety of resources that can be downloaded from the CDC itself that address a variety of situations. However, quality hospitality signs can be made to fit the mood of your establishment and further your brand identity.

Alerting your customers to face mask requirements lets everyone know your rules as soon as they enter the door. This clears up any confusion and makes it much easier for your employees.

These hospitality signs can be provided by trusted professionals like Identity Group. You don’t need to sacrifice an attractive space for informative signage.

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Placement Recommendations

The goal of thoughtful placement of these signs is to put them in an area that is easily seen but unobtrusive. Floor graphics for social distancing guidelines are a great example of this. These messages don’t get in the way of free movement while also doing a great job of spreading beneficial information.

However, other necessary hospitality signs won’t be able to blend into the atmosphere quite as easily. These can be printed out and placed inside a stanchion that is positioned just inside — or even outside — your entrance. This way, your customers will quickly have the necessary information and then enjoy the rest of their experience unimpeded.

Don’t Sacrifice Atmosphere

Special signage such as temporary elevator occupancy signs don’t need to be unattractive. You will be able to find generic messages that can be printed out and taped up, but those aren’t going to adhere to your specific plans for visual presentation.

Identity Group offers attractive and informational hospitality signs that will spread useful information without bringing down the visual appeal of your space.

Social distancing signs might be out of the way, but they will still be part of the visual landscape of your establishment. Be sure to utilize attractive options so you don’t sacrifice any aspect of the experience of your customers.

Be Clear With Your Message

Hospitality signs are all about providing clear direction. This could take the form of where to form a line, directions to restrooms, or sectioning off employee-only areas. However, the need for clarity is even more important when it comes to special guidelines relating to COVID-19.

Proper signage is the best way to communicate necessary messages and guidelines to your customers. Operations run much more smoothly when everyone is on the same page. And easily-understood hospitality signs that are also attractive are the best way to accomplish this.

Benefits of Providing Guidance

Proper signage and clear direction makes everyone feel better. People don’t like to be unsure of themselves. Not knowing the rules of an establishment can lead to visitors feeling nervous. These signs put people at ease by quickly addressing their concerns.

Your customers aren’t the only people that benefit from these signs. Employees also reap benefits in that it saves them the effort of explaining your guidelines to every person that walks into your establishment.

Clear and attractive hospitality signs are a great benefit in the current climate. Identity Group has the experience and expertise needed to get you exactly what you need.

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