NeoCon 2024


NeoCon 2024

Identity Group has introduced a new service that uses advanced technology to enhance navigation and storytelling in commercial spaces. Through a partnership with a trusted software company, this patented technology transforms traditional signage and decor into interactive experiences. By utilizing IGX and IGX+ augmented reality and digital navigation, clients can effectively communicate their brand and history to their audience in a more engaging way. This innovative service allows for an immersive and user-friendly experience through the use of mobile devices. It also offers digital wayfinding options to make navigation stress-free. With the ability to bring physical environments to life through video and messaging, this service elevates brand value and creates a memorable experienace for guests.

*Augmented Reality Enabled. Download the application here:

Type “IDG” (all caps) and hit “synchronize”

MRL Dimensional Logo & Letters
Material: Acrylic
Process: CNC Cut to Shape, Painted, & Assembled
Head Shot Photo Boards*
Materials: Magnet Coated PVC Panel, Magnetic Receptive Overlays
Process: CNC Cut Panels with Bevel Edge, Digital Print overlays
Testimonial Signs
Materials: Frosted Acrylic, Aluminum Stand Off
Process: Digital Print, CNC Cut to Shape with Holes
Branded Wall Mural
Material: ReTac Textured Sand Wall Substrate
Process: Digital Print, Knife Cut to Panel Size
Identity Group Wall
White Washed Background
Materials: Magnet Coated PVC Panel, Magnetic Receptive Overlays
Process: Digital Print, Knife Cut to Panel Size

Materials: White Oak
Process: Wood Crafted Frame with White Wash Stain

MacDermid Framed Sign*
Materials: Reclaimed Wood, Faux Moss, Acrylic Letters, PVC Logo with LED Lights
Process: CNC Cut Letters and Logo, Wood Crafted Frame, applied Moss, Backlit applied LED Lights

Mercury Sign*
Materials: PVC, Translucent Acrylic, LED Lights
Process: CNC Cut parts, Fabricated to final form, LED lights applied behind acrylic

Digital Capabilities

Digital Wayfinding
Augmented Reality Functionality
Location-Based Push Notifications
Third-Party Data System Integration
User Profile Customization
Saleable Data-Mining From User Base

Custom ADA Signs carefully crafted to meet requirements for ADA Handicapped Signs & ADA Building Signage.

ADA Compliant Signs are an essential part of making your business inclusive

Identity Group’s ADA Signs are offered in a wide range of styles and finishes making them a perfect fit for any Custom Design Signs including:

  • • Hotel Signs
  • • Restaurant Signs
  • • Retail Store Signs
  • • Retail POP Signage
  • • Grocery Store Signs
  • • Office Signs
  • • Stadium Signs

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