Identity Group Launches IdG Shop and Web UI/UX

Identity Group

Identity Group, a full-service signage company for the world’s largest brands, such as Whole Foods and Amazon, has launched its brand new IdG Shop and Web UI/UX to bring a brand new experience to shoppers. 

When visiting the website, users are brought to a brand new homepage where they can choose their path: cooperate or shop. Each side has its own navigation geared toward what users visiting the website are interested in and simplifies the navigation process. 

Previously, the shopping experience featured products that were accessible through multiple clicks which averaged in the double digits. The goal of this redesign was to allow users to add items they were searching for to their shopping cart in 3-clicks or less. With a variety of categories, like Arch Standards, Sign Collections, and Brand Signs, the process is simplified while still allowing users to narrow their search based on features like brand, sign type, and sign shape. 

The website also features a new landing page, corporate homepage, mega menus, and hotel category page. On the corporate homepage, users can learn more about the company through a variety of videos such as case studies and informational videos about the process such as large format screen printing and building & design. 

While scrolling through the corporate website, users are able to view a variety of Identity Group’s specific services such as Site/Matterport Surveys, Restoration Services, and Acrylic Reclamation Services, which are broken down into their own additional pages with additional information and visual examples. 

These changes all come together to create a simplified, yet informative experience, no matter what you’re searching for. 

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For 67 years, Identity Group has been the market leader creating and manufacturing architectural interior signage, including for iconic brands like NFL, Marriott, Macy’s, and more. Producing more than 20 million signs to date, Identity Group provides businesses with creative design services, wayfinding, ADA consultation, visual décor, and more.