How Premium Signs Enhance Customer Experience

How Premium Signs Enhance Customer Experience_premium signs_Identity Group_Nashville TN

The signage in your business is important.

Many view these signs as an obligation and will throw up the first signs they find. This runs the risk of detracting from the overall experience of your customer. An unattractive sign can distract your guests from all of the otherwise great things you are doing.

So what’s the solution? How do you make sure your guests have everything they need to comfortably navigate your facility?

Premium signs not only make your guests more comfortable, but they also look great.


Here’s what you gain from employing premium signs throughout your establishment.

Aligns With Your Brand

People visit your business for the experience as much as for the services. Restaurants, for instance, are going to be judged on more than just their food. The ambiance, the service, and the presentation will also be factored into a guest’s overall experience.

Premium signs are a great way to create a cohesive presentation for your guests. The details are what truly sell the idea of your establishment. And people are going to be impressed when they notice every detail down to the bathroom signs has been treated with thoughtful attention.

Your brand is a culmination of every aspect of your business. Make sure the signage helps further your brand, not hinder it.

Provides Necessary Information

We’ve all been there – walking around a store aimlessly looking for a product that doesn’t seem

to be anywhere in sight. Not only it this annoying for the customer, but it can also seriously

hinder their desire to return back and spend more of their money with a particular business.

Proper placement of attractive premium signs is the best way to make sure your guests have all the information they need to comfortably enjoy their visit to your business.

Confidently place your signs in easy-to-find areas so your guests have all the information they need to enjoy every aspect of their visit.

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Aesthetically Pleasing

You always have a choice in the signs that you choose for your brand. While it’s easy to choose

an option that’s “good enough,” premium signs bring a more high-end look to your business.

The inclusion of premium signs will elevate your establishment and further the intentionality of your space. These signs have to be there one way or the other. Why would you choose to include something that doesn’t fit with the theme of surrounding items and decor?

Makes Your Business More Approachable

First-time visitors to your business aren’t going to know the basic layout of the space. This can lead to them getting lost, and as we said earlier, bring about feelings of embarrassment.

This factors into the approachability of your business. New visitors are going to give your space a quick scan as soon as they walk in the door. They will be looking for information and deciding if it’s worth their time to learn how to navigate your space.

Premier signs will ensure them that your establishment has their best interest in mind. This creates a welcoming environment that encourages new visitors to explore your offerings.

Follows Guidelines Without Sacrificing Style

Most businesses are required by law to provide adequate signage for restrooms and to cover ADA considerations.

While you will have to comply with these laws, the required signs don’t have to be detrimental to the overall experience of your guests. Utilizing premium signs in your space is a great way to include the code-required signs without detracting from the look and feel of the business.

Taking the extra time to utilize premium signs will provide long-term benefits to your business.

Shows Your Guests You Care

Paying attention to your signage communicates to your guests that you are willing to go the extra mile.

This shows respect to your guests because you are willing to take their entire experience into account. It also shows you take your business seriously because you are willing to make sure every aspect of the presentation is thoughtful.

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