How Hospitality Signs Put Your Customers At Ease


Did you know that 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of products and services they provide? When it comes to your business, hospitality signs can make or break your reputation with customers.

So what’s the solution? How do you make sure your guests feel at ease and have the proper information to peruse your facilities? Premium hospitality signs not only make your guests more comfortable, but they also look great when aligned with your brand.

Here are a few ways hospitality signs can put your customers at ease:

  • Brand Alignment
  • Informational
  • Pleasing to the Eye
  • Makes Your Business More Approachable
  • Shows Customers You Care


Aligns With Your Brand

People visit your business for the experience and ambiance, just as much as for the services. The service and the presentation of products or information will all be factored into a guest’s overall experience.

Hospitality signs are a great way to create a cohesive presentation for your guests. When you treat your brand with the utmost detail and precision, people are going to notice and be impressed. That’s why it’s so important to align your signage with your brand. This can include proper logos, colors and even fonts.

Pro Tip: Your brand is a culmination of every aspect of your business. Make sure the signage helps further your brand, not hinder it.



Have you ever begun walking around a store aimlessly, searching for a product or service that you just can’t seem to find? Not only it this annoying for most customers but it can also seriously
hinder customer retention, meaning they may not want to come back and purchase from your business.

Proper placement of attractive, informational hospitality signs is the best way to make sure your guests have all they need to comfortably enjoy their visit to your business. Ensure your signs are placed in easy to read/reach spaces– your customers will feel much more at ease and thank you in the long-run.

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Pleasing to the Eye

When it comes to choosing signs for your business, it can be very easy to go with the more practical, less attractive options. However, when you invest in premium hospitality signs, tailored to the look of your brand, you bring a more high-end look to your business.

Customers notice just about everything. So, with the inclusion of premium signs, the status of your establishment will elevate tenfold. Premium hospitality signs show your customer base that your business is an industry leader who takes care of their customers.


Makes Your Business More Approachable

Have you ever asked your customers if they feel welcome in your establishment? While regular customers may immediately say yes, first-time visitors to your business may not agree. Not to worry though, as there is a perfect solution if guests tend to feel overwhelmed in your establishment.
New customers will automatically give your space a quick scan as soon as they walk in the door. They will be looking for information, friendly faces, signs to help determine if your business is worth their time.

With hospitality signs, you can ensure that your business has your customer’s best interest in mind. This creates a welcoming environment that encourages new visitors to explore all you have to offer, and increases the likelihood of them returning.


Shows Your Guests You Care

Most businesses are required by law to provide adequate signage that comply with ADA considerations. Be sure to look at what is required of your business when creating custom signage.

While your business is required to display ADA compliant signs, they don’t have to distract from the look and feel of your business. Utilizing premium hospitality signs in your space is a great way to include on-brand code-required signs.

When you take the extra time to utilize custom signs, you show your guests how much you actually care. Going the extra mile with your look lets customers know that you will do the same for them.

In providing accessible, appealing ADA compliant signs, your customers will understand the level of respect you hold for them, making them feel much more comfortable. This can also increase the likelihood that your business will be taken seriously because you are willing to go above and beyond.


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