How ADA Handicapped Signs Help Your Customers


As 61 million people in the United States are currently living with a disability, incorporating ADA Handicapped signs can help a large portion of your customers! While most businesses are required by law to provide ADA compliant signage, knowing just how these handicapped sign solutions can help your customers is important.

With varying degrees of disabilities, providing your diverse customers with proper directional, informational and easily accessible signs will help your business retain those customers and stand out. But how do these signs help your business and your customers? Are ADA Handicapped Signs actually important?

Here are some of the ways ADA handicapped signs help your customers:

  • Help Handicapped Customers Navigate Your Business
  • Identity Group Case Studies
  • Keep Customers Safe
  • Provide an Extra Level of Care

Help Handicapped Customers Navigate Your Business

When it comes to any business, a customer is always going to look for the easiest and quickest way to access and navigate your business. This is especially true for handicapped customers who may deal with mobility issues, experience blindness, are mute and/or deaf. With this in mind, placing proper ADA Handicapped signs around your business will be essential for these customers to quickly locate or know more about your products or services.

Install ADA compliant handicapped signs to indicate your parking lots, walkways, bathroom locations, sink heights, flooring materials, and much more. ADA signs can guide your handicapped customers who deal with mobility difficulties to different areas of your business establishment.

Most ADA compliant signs are made from high-contrast, tangible letters and even utilize Braille lettering to make sure they’re easy to read. By incorporating proper ADA handicapped signs into your business, you can establish trust among your disabled customers and increase your revenue over time.

Identity Group Case Studies

In the past year, Identity Group has worked with various businesses just like yours! Some of our favorite sign solution projects in 2020 included the creation of custom ADA compliant signage.

With a goal to create high impact interior signs, our client the Jade Apartments, needed 302 luxury wayfinding and regulatory ADA compliant signage for their complex. We provided design, engineering, prototyping and production services over the course of 6 weeks before installing their ADA Handicapped signs.

Similarly, with the goal to procure ADA compliant interior signage, Yesco, with Allegiant Stadium, partnered with Identity Group in 2020. We provided value engineering, prototyping, production and project management solutions to produce 3,400+ ADA compliant wayfinding and regulatory signage over 4 months. Allegiant Stadium is now properly equipped with the right sign solutions to assist customers with varying mobility needs.

Visit Identity Group and shop our premium ADA sign selection.

Keep Customers Safe

As most businesses are now required by law to incorporate ADA compliant signs onto their premises, failure to install the proper signage can bring on various lawsuits and other legal trouble. To avoid paying hefty fines or deal with a hurt customer, properly placing ADA handicapped signs throughout your business is important. While some people may be able to navigate your business safely and with ease, not every customer is the same!

Dealing with safety problems in your business can cost you more money, time, and energy, or in extreme cases, your business may be asked to stop its operations.

Depending on the type of business you run, the installation of proper ADA Handicapped signage is essential for your business and any customers who have disabilities. Proper business signs are installed to keep your disabled customers safe and away from harm. These signs can also serve as a warning to customers about any safety risks and other workplace hazards that may arise within your business place.

Provide an Extra Level of Care

When deciding what ADA Handicapped sign solutions are right for your business, be sure to look at what is required of your establishment when creating your signage. While your business will be required to display ADA compliant signs, they don’t have to distract from the look and feel of your branding efforts. Utilizing premium signs within your space can provide a great opportunity to include on-brand code-required signs.

Take the extra time to make use of custom sign solutions to provide your customers of all types with an extra level of care. In going the extra mile with your look, your disabled customers will understand that you will do the same for them.

Be sure to provide accessible, appealing ADA compliant signs so that your customers will understand the level of respect you have for them. This will make your disabled customers feel much more comfortable in your establishment.

Find Premium Signs from Identity Group

Identity Group offers a variety of premium ADA Handicapped signs for all types of establishments. Choose from our available stock of signs or go the extra mile and create custom options for your business.

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