Hotel No Entry Signs are Important, Here’s Why

Every year, approximately 4 million employees are injured at work. With that in mind, incorporating hotel no entry safety signage will be important not only for your employees, but also for your guests. As a place where people come to rest, relax and enjoy their stay, ensuring the safety of those in your hotel is something that should be a high priority. 

Hotel no entry door signage can assist in keeping your guests safe from harm and out of employee specific rooms. These easy to read, accessible, ADA compliant signs should properly and effectively direct guests to steer clear of hazards. Ensure your guests feel safe with no entry signage solutions. 

Here’s how you should address the fire safety plan within your hotel:

  1. Employee vs Guest Access
  2. Maintain a Safe Environment
  3. Hotel Property Sign Requirements
  4. Find Hotel No Entry Signs with Identity Group 

Employee vs Guest Access

When it comes to your hotel, outside of hosting various guests regularly, you’re going to need to differentiate between guest suites and employee access zones. Your employees will need to have separate entry points, as well as spend time in areas that you won’t want your hotel visitors to enter. 

This is where no entry signs come in handy. Not only are these signs necessary to create a safe environment for your guests and employees, but they will likely be required by your state for specific hazardous rooms on your facility. 

If you want to restrict access to specific areas for authorized employees and visitors, no entry signs can be useful. These sign solutions can be an important part of any business’s security policy. Effectively separate employee vs guest room access with proper, ADA no entry signs. 

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Maintain a Safe Environment

Hotel no entry signs keep customers or unauthorized visitors out of dangerous work areas, stock areas, or any other rooms where mishaps and theft can be prevented. The first step in creating a safe environment is to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment for your hotel, so if you haven’t already done so, do so now. Any rooms that have hazardous materials should be identified and rated in terms of high, moderate, and low risk.

Hotel kitchens and chemical storage areas, for instance, are considered high-risk areas. In addition, persons at risk must be identified, including family room occupants, or perhaps members with disabilities of the workforce. An individual must be protected from each threat identified by developing a plan to eliminate it, reduce it, and prevent it. Hotel no entry signs can be the way you keep your hotel guests safe from harm while on your facilities. 

Hotel Property Sign Requirements

When it comes to your hotel, incorporating the right sign solutions to keep your guests safe is important. However, if your hotel does not incorporate the proper signs required of our state guidelines, then you might be in a bit of trouble. 

Fire Inspectors will often accept temporary printed signs with proof that the permanent signs with tactile copy and Braille are in order. Identity Group will partner with customers to navigate these inspections by providing cost effective temporary signs in only 5 Business Days! 

IDG can provide a Wayfinding Package showing pictures of signs, their locations, and proof of order. All sign packages meet national Fire Code and ADA requirements. Our team also keeps a database of code signs that have been encountered in the past with State and Local areas. These signs are included in that state/area’s packages to help ensure that your property is ready to open. 

Below are some of the sign requirements for your hotel:

  • Room Numbers
  • Guestroom Evacuations
  • Restroom IDs
  • Amenity IDs (Meeting Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool, etc.)
  • Stair IDs
  • Rooms that might cause a fire – IT, Electrical, Mechanical, Boiler Room, Elevator Equipment
  • Interior Stair informational signs
  • Level IDs
  • Elevator Jamb Numbers
  • Exit IDs
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Area of Rescue Assistance

Find Hotel No Entry Signs with Identity Group

When it comes to your hotel employees and guests, properly defending them against hazards should be a top priority. With the proper ADA, no entry signs, you can protect your guests on your facilities and effectively identify which rooms are off limits. 

Identity Group offers a variety of hotel signs for all types of safety needs. Choose from our available stock of signs or go the extra mile and create custom options for your business.

Visit Identity Group today to find the perfect hotel fire safety door signage solutions for your business.