Hotel Fire Safety Door Signage is Important, Here’s Why


Did you know that the risk of fire related deaths or injuries can be decreased by 55% with the presence of fire safety materials? With that in mind, incorporating hotel fire safety door signage into your fire safety plan is important. As a place where people come to rest, relax and enjoy their stay, ensuring the safety of your hotel guests is something that should be a high priority.

Hotel fire safety door signage can assist in keeping your guests safe from harm. These easy to read, accessible, ADA compliant signs should properly and effectively direct guests to safety during an emergency. Ensure your guests know where to go and feel safe before or during a fire scare. The fire safety door signage solutions you use for your hotel should also do the following:

A fire safety sign is essential to help people escape during an emergency

  • Signs provide clear instructions on mandatory requirements, such as “keep fire doors closed.”
  • Signage directs employees to the location of fire safety and fire-fighting equipment, such as alarm call points and fire extinguishers
  • Regulatory fire safety signage needs to be installed professionally by a competent person who is familiar with the regulations
  • Emergency exit signs should be visible to building occupants from anywhere
  • Signage must always be able to be seen at all times, free of obstructions, and without being obstructed by retail point of sale materials

Here’s how you should address the fire safety plan within your hotel:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Detection & Warning Signs
  • Escape Routes & Fire Exits
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Create Safety Points for Guests

Risk Assessment

The first step in creating a fire safety checklist is to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, so if you haven’t already done so, do so now. Fire hazards should be identified and rated in terms of high, moderate, and low risk.

Hotel kitchens and chemical storage areas, for instance, are considered high-risk areas. In addition, persons at risk must be identified, including family room occupants, or perhaps members with disabilities of the workforce. An individual must be protected from each threat identified by developing a plan to eliminate it, reduce it, and prevent it.

Fire Detection & Warning Signs

In case a fire cannot be prevented, steps must be taken to detect one as quickly as possible and to warn people in the hotel of its presence.

Hotel detection systems, as well as fire alarms in the hallways and hotel rooms, must be made up of a network of smoke detectors interconnected with clear alarms. Hotels often link their alarm straight with the fire brigade so they are notified instantly in the event of an emergency.

Escape Routes & Fire Exits

An escape route should be clearly marked from all areas of each floor, and every floor should have an adequate number of fire doors.. To allow quick evacuation of high-risk areas, fast escape routes are essential.

There should be an outside point where the fire exit will take you. A fire-prone area must additionally have heavy, fire-resistant doors that may be closed after an evacuation to prevent fires from spreading.

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Emergency Lighting

Usually, it is advisable to shut down non-essential systems when a fire is detected so they will not be damaged or worsened by one. The failure of the electrical system in a building might be caused by a fire itself in other instances.
You must make sure that emergency routes and fire exits are properly illuminated and that there is adequate emergency lighting. In places like hotel corridors where natural light is scarce or nonexistent, this is extremely important.

Create Safety Points for Guests

As you begin to create your safety plan, you should plan for every step of an evacuation. This includes safety points upon exiting your hotel. You should incorporate outside safe areas separate from all hazards and adequate to accommodate all the building’s occupants.

In case of fire or any other extreme emergency, these can become meeting points for everyone to congregate. In some cases, you may need more than one meeting point, depending on how many people are in your hotel or establishment.

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