History & Relevance of 3D Signage in Marketing

3D printed ADA Sign Example

Signage is one of the most powerful tools that retailers, restaurants, and other businesses use to push consumers towards their products. When it comes to both interior and exterior signage, 3D signs and displays are essential to making your business stand out above the competition. With its history and strategic marketing tactics, 3D advertising is used to express creativity and visual appeal for brands. 

Today’s consumers are more visually oriented than ever. 

Overview of 3D Elements

From exhibition displays with bold colors and eye-catching designs to simple storefronts with a few architectural elements, 3D signs and displays can make or break any marketing strategy. By definition, 3D signage is the creative use of depth (three-dimensional) via physical objects, projected images or text to the target audience. 

The history of 3D signs dates all the way back to 1905 when the first 3D film was released, containing elements of how advertisements are presented today. As rules were created for this new art form, it evolved into what we now refer to as 3D signs and displays. In today’s society, the use of 3D signage has changed over time while existing as a part of creative advertising methods. 

Product packaging, marketing materials, and in-store displays have all seen some form of 3-dimensional design in recent years. Many businesses have also taken advantage of this technology to create signage for their niche businesses by creating special techniques that appeal to customers and make them want to come back.

3D Signs Used for Marketing

Today, the aesthetic appeal of a sign plays an even more important role in marketing, as it is one of the first things that potential customers will have contact with. We are living in the digital era, where 3D signs and displays have gained popularity as a result of visualizing products and services. The use of three-dimensional objects in marketing has resulted in a new way to engage with customers by communicating a distinctive feeling of your services or products in the most creative way possible, grabbing the attention of customers and reinforcing your brand’s presence in the competitive market. 

3D signage and displays are used to gather attention of passersby and are designed in such a way that creates a beautiful promotional environment for brands. 3D advertising often resembles a specific product, or event. So it’s quite natural that we see people interacting with three-dimensional signs more often, thus standing out from the crowd.

With 3D signage, you have access to unlimited effects and better lighting. This category of signs have a natural drop shadow, which enhances the logo’s or typography’s visibility without needing a backlight. In industries that mainly operate at night, staying conspicuous is essential due to the high level of competition. Well-lit signs will aid in standing out.

Finally, a well-designed sign passes across a message of success and quality. In most cases, the signs are used as landmarks, leading to the growing popularity of your business.

Types of 3D Signage 

There are three main types of 3D printed signs: pin mounted letters, channel letters, and dimensional letter signs.

Pin Mounted Letters

When it comes to the vast number of options for displaying letters and numbers, pin-mounted letters are one of the most effective – commonly found on storefronts and business establishments. Pin-mounted letters are commonly mounted using adhesive or push pins. These letters are usually made from materials such as aluminum, acrylic, or plastic.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are similar to pin-mounted letters, but with some important differences. One of the big ones is that channel letters can be lit from the inside with inexpensive light-emitting diodes (LED). They’re an ideal way to enhance any building’s appearance for both renters and potential customers, consisting of a metal channel, through which the lighted message is clearly visible from the corresponding street or side-street.

Dimensional Letter Signs 

Dimensional letters are ideal for all types of buildings, regardless of their size and shape. They are made out of a material, usually aluminum or acrylic, that is placed on a metal base. Normally, external lights above or below the sign illuminate this text, giving  the sign its 3D quality. 

Implementing the Perfect 3D Signage 

3D signage is a fantastic opportunity for business owners to connect with customers and make their brand stand out from the rest. What’s more, this type of signage is surprisingly affordable for some businesses, especially when working with Identity Group specialists to set up a package that works for you. 

Regardless of the extent of your needs, we will find the right type of 3D signage to suit the marketing needs of your business. So the next time you’re in need of business signs for your storefronts, consider working with 3D signage instead. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make!