Does Your Hotel Need Fitness Center Graphics?

As ​​Americans are set to spend as much as $33.25 billion on gyms, fitness centers, and studios annually, when guests come to your hotel, they’re likely going to want to utilize your fitness center facilities. With that in mind, outside of setting up an appropriate gym equipment configuration, incorporating fitness center graphics and ADA signage will be important. 

Fitness center graphics can assist in keeping your guests safe from harm in the gym. Not only will this protect your guests from hurting themselves, but this can also help your hotel steer clear of legal issues down the road. 

These easy to read, accessible, ADA compliant signs should properly and effectively direct guests in your facilities as well as indicate safe gym etiquette/form. Ensure your guests know what to do in your fitness center while visiting your hotel.

Here are some of the reasons why your hotel should incorporate fitness center graphics:

  1. Consistency for Guests
  2. Equipment Planning
  3. Guest Safety
  4. Workout Circuit Safety 
  5. Partner with Identity Group for Your Fitness Center Graphics

Consistency for Guests

When designing your hotel fitness centers, consistency for guests will be key. The majority of your vacationing guests will also have a gym at home that they likely use regularly when they are not traveling. When guests visit your hotel’s fitness center, they will be looking for the same amenities, equipment, and layout. 

As a result, guests will want to easily move from one location to another in your fitness center, whether they are visiting due to travel or work-related relocation. With clearly identifiable fitness center graphics, your hotel gym can provide consistency and familiarity to all of your gym going guests. Your hotel fitness centers can establish an unrivaled level of comfort and reliability with ADA approved gym graphics and sign solutions. 

Equipment Planning

When it comes to your hotel fitness center, proper equipment placement can protect your guests from injury. Planning out the layout of your equipment, whether your fitness center is large or small will be crucial for the safety and well-being of your guests. This is where fitness center graphics can come in handy. 

Not only will you need to ensure fitness equipment is easy to maneuver and get around, but fitness center graphics can help ensure your guests understand the categories of fitness equipment your gym offers. Proper equipment planning and organization will help direct your guests and allow them to safely enjoy their vacation workout. 

Guest Safety

Your hotel fitness center will likely incorporate a variety of heavy machinery, weights and more. As you’ve properly placed and organized your equipment to ensure guest safety, fitness center graphics take that a step further.  Any and all guests using the machines or pieces of equipment in your fitness center will need enough space to use them properly. 

On top of that, technicians and fitness center personnel might need sufficient space around each machine for proper cleaning and maintenance. Fitness center graphics will clearly identify specific pieces of gym equipment, proper form and much more. 

Workout Circuit Safety

Outside of safety on your hotel premises, fitness center graphics can be used to properly move your guests through a workout circuit, ensuring they do not strain or hurt themselves. Fitness center graphics can showcase proper form and function on the equipment, or help to motivate your guests to get fit and healthy and keep coming back to your hotel facilities. 

With images and texts, the various services offered at your gym can also be clearly identified using bold, fitness center signage. In light of the different types of users of each of these areas, it is necessary to ensure each guest can have their own unique experience. Graphics can be used to separate your cardio area from your free weights, your stretching areas from your yoga studio all while adhering to ADA guidelines. 

Partner with Identity Group for Your Fitness Center Graphics

When it comes to your hotel employees and guests, properly defending them against hazards in the fitness center should be a top priority. Identity Group offers a variety of hotel signs for all types of safety needs. Choose from our available stock of signs or go the extra mile and create custom options for your business.

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