Does Your Business Need ADA Compliant Signs?


Did you know that more than 20 million families in America have at least one family member with a disability? With that in mind, incorporating ADA compliant signs into your business is an important feat. As your business will likely be required by law to incorporate these signs into your displays, you’ll want to present your business in the most welcoming light.

Identity Group helps provide businesses with the proper ADA compliant signs necessary to follow legal regulations. If you’re still unsure of where to begin, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just because ADA signs are integral to your business, doesn’t mean they can’t visually reflect your brand look and feel. With the right ADA compliant sign solutions, your business can provide a safe, thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Here are the general types of ADA compliant signs your business will be required to have:

  • Identification Signs
  • Informational Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Overhead Signs
  • Safety Signs

Identification Signs

The first type of ADA compliant signs you’ll likely be required to have in your business are identification signs. These types of signs will clearly label a particular space or a room in your office or retail space. For those with disabilities, it can sometimes be more difficult to maneuver throughout a business. When you provide simple, accessible identification signs throughout your space, you not only promote inclusivity but help to guide your customers who are not neurotypical.

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Informational Signs

Another type of ADA sign you will need is informational signs. Informational signs will provide necessary details about a place or area such as no food allowed, how to pay for parking, or other important details about your business that might not easily be distinguishable.

If you’re still unsure where to place your compliant signage, a custom sign distributor can help guide you through the entire process. Informational signs provide that extra level of comfort for those dealing with daily disabilities.

Directional Signs

As you follow ADA compliant guidelines, you will also need directional signs to be placed within your office or retail space. Directional signs function as wayfinding signs and help direct visitors. Incorporating ADA guidelines into your signage will help those with disabilities easily work their way through your business without any hesitation or worry. Directional signs can be a strong indicator of how your business is laid out, and off that extra layer of support.

Overhead Signs

Similarly, and an often overlooked sign solution, overhead signage will also need to follow ADA guidelines. Overhead signs should be mounted on overhead support, such as wall signs and ceiling signs. Someone with a disability might not be able to easily recognize a discrepancy in the layout of your business— overhead signs can ensure everyone will have the proper accessible access throughout your business.

Safety Signs

Finally, one of the most important types of ADA compliant signs your business will likely be required to incorporate are safety signs. These types of signs can often be the most important as safety signs can work to identify exits, stairwells, as well as information on potential hazards. These compliant sign solutions are extremely important for your entire customer base as well as your employees.

For those who experience daily disabilities, especially those who haven’t visited your business before, recognizing potential hazards can be difficult. These ADA compliant signs can help offer a helping hand while protecting your customers.

IDG Case Study – Jade Apartments

One of Identity Group’s favorite recent signage projects this past year was with High Impact Signs​ of the Jade Apartments. Our goal was to produce all interior signage for a high profile, luxury apartment complex. During our partnership with High Impact Signs, we provided design services, engineering, prototyping, and production services.

Identity Group produced 302​ interior Illuminated ADA signs, as well as wayfinding and regulatory ​sign solutions. With a 6 week timeframe, High Impact Signs received Ring Integrated, Illuminated sign solutions for the Jade Apartments on-time and on budget​.

Implementing ADA Compliant Signs

Having ADA compliant signage means that all customers will be able to access the goods and services they need in your business. Regardless of the industry you’re in, or how many buildings you own, you will want to ensure that you’re meeting ADA requirements. Creating custom ADA signs will ensure a great experience for all your visitors and employees, which will help you reflect your brand well.

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