Create Custom Retail Display Signs With Identity Group

Are you looking for an all-in-one retail sign designer, manufacturer, and installer? Well, you’ve found us! Identity Group is the total package when it comes to crushing your custom retail visual décor projects.

If convenience and ease were not reason enough, you should know that choosing Identity Group for your signage needs means working with our cutting-edge team and benefiting from:

  • 67+ years’ experience creating & manufacturing interior signs
  • An industry leader in custom-designed retail environments (retail store signs, retail pop-up signage, and retail accessibility)
  • A unique approach to sign creation

But enough about us. What will the custom design process look like for you, the customer? How involved and time-consuming is it? Will it cost you an arm and a leg? Will you have to assemble your sign yourself?

Allow us to answer your most-pressing questions about the custom retail sign process. Here is what to expect …

Retail Display Sign Planning & Design

Before we can create the perfect custom retail display, we begin with a discovery process to learn more about you and your clients. (When we know who you are and who you’re servicing, the retail sign just turns out better!)

Next, our retail design team starts concept development. We brainstorm ideas, produce initial sketches, and innovate when standard methods don’t seem to be cutting it.

Then, we really dig-in with prototyping and 3D renderings. Why? We want to make sure your sign has the potential for real ROI, not to mention has the “wow factor” you hired us for.

Sign Fabrication

The fabrication stage is where rubber meets the road! And because we do it all in-house at Identity Group, your project’s transition from our design team to the manufacturing line is seamless.

Our manufacturing facilities themselves boast some of the most cutting-edge technology in this industry for creating environmental retail store signs and visual décor. We can handle wide-format printing, digital cutting, custom fabrication, and custom coating. Our print techniques also include foam, metal, wood, plastic, and more.

Plus, we can do more, and quicker, than our competitors.

Custom Retail Display Sign Installation

Maybe this is your biggest question of all: Once the sign is assembled and delivered, will you install it? The answer is yes, we can! We won’t hang you out to dry like that.

Our team includes detailed 3D renderings, product specifications, and installation documents for your signage so that you can feel confident installing it yourself. Or, if you prefer, we can install it for you.

Ready to elevate your store with custom retail signage and displays? Contact us today! We can’t wait to work with you.