5 Custom Sign Designs with Identity Group

For those who think traditional advertising is dead, think again! One recent business study found that 72% of those surveyed said they believed signage was more important than social media or newspaper advertisements. This was echoed by the fact that 8 out of 10 (79%) people associated a sign’s quality with the quality of the goods or services the business provided.

If you haven’t invested in environmental retail design for your business, then it is time! But to separate yourself from your competition, you should consider custom retail signage that reflects your individualism and presents your brand accordingly.

In fact, there are several ways you can use custom sign designs to your advantage:

  • Retail Pop Signs
  • Brand Logos & Letters
  • Visual Décor
  • Window Graphics
  • Room, Restroom, & Exit Signs

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Retail Pop Signs

If your retail space is in need of practical, appealing, and ADA compliant signage that also fits your business’ wants and needs, custom signs are an excellent choice! You don’t want the standard, cookie-cutter sign that makes your retail space look like everyone else’s. A custom retail pop sign can be not only unique and eye-catching, but also encourage your customers to make a purchase; 52% of in-store shoppers named on-location signage as the reason for their visit.

Identity Group happens to be an industry leader in custom-designed retail environments. Among our many trusted retail partners are Hannaford, Whole Foods, TJ Maxx, L.L. Bean, and Macy’s. We’ve crafted custom signage for wayfinding, safety measures, engaging 3D visuals, and much more.

Check out our Inspiration Guide and contact us with your request!

Brand Logos & Letters

Whether for the lobby of your business office, a focal point in your store, or as a photo opportunity, you can already picture your brand’s logo or letters on the wall! These are perfect examples of ways you can use custom signage to take your company’s name and logo from a digital format to a tactile branding tool.

Identity Group’s fabrication and print techniques offer a variety of options for your custom signage, such as foam, metal, wood, plastic, and much more. Our process is also all-encompassing, including detailed 3D renderings, product specs, and installation instructions.

Visual Décor

With visual décor, if you can dream it, we can probably build it! Visual décor has endless potential and purpose, from thoughtful and perfectly-positioned wayfinding signage to directory boards and cut-and-dry rules and regulations. The overall design and décor concepts you use in your store or business will have a direct impact on your business’ long-run success.

Think of a décor-less, tables-and-chairs-only ice cream shop compared to its rival, whose shop has visuals of delectable ice cream flavors and branded, canvas signs of local people eating ice cream. One establishment will likely attract more customers and be more profitable than the other!

Window Graphics

Window graphics can be used for a variety of purposes. You can announce a store opening and end-of-season sales or depict the overall brand experience you are offering your customers. Window graphics also serve a dual-purpose. In addition to external-facing advertising, they provide privacy to your employees and shield furniture from harsh sunlight.

Another beauty of custom window graphics is that they can be as simple or as spectacular as you need them to be. Your options can vary from your brand name and contact information to an artful and witty advertisement. The concept can be entirely based on your goals. Do you wish to drive sales, increase brand awareness, inspire your audience, or all three?

Room, Restroom, & Exit Signs

Perhaps you need simple, ADA compliant signage for your hotel, hospital, restaurant, or business’ rooms, restrooms, and exit signs. But, you would prefer that these signs match your brand colors or interior design finishing.

Identity Group offers pre-designed, custom theme signage that adds a high-end feeling to basic shapes. Our pre-design styles include top-hat, tilted, and truss and choices of wood grain, matte, and shiny finishes. And, of course, you can select background colors and accent bars that match or complement your brand.