SKU: 704265

IdG Standard

10.1 oz. Non-Corrosive Silicone


Dimensions: 2"w x 11.75"h x 2"d

Weight: .631 lbs

Lead Time: 15 Business Days

SCS 1000 is a one-part acetic cure silicone sealant designed for general purpose glazing and curtainwall sealing applications where long-term reliability is required. Well suited for general sealing applications such as sheet metal, skylights, ventilators, air conditioning systems, metal or plastic signs, glass block structures, and as a bedding for marine hardware. SCS 1000 retains its cured properties from -40° to 400°F (-40° to 204°C). It can be applied at outdoor temperatures as low as -35°F (-37°C) provided only that surfaces are clean, dry, and frost-free. BASIC USES:- General Glazing: Glass, plastic, channel or stop. Curtainwall Sealing: Glass, metal, granite and plastic. General Sealing: Sheet metal, skylights, ventilators, air conditioning, metal/plastic signs, glass block structures, bedding of marine hardware.

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