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Meeting Room Directional


Dimensions: 27.5625"w x 18.125"h x 0.25"d

Weight: 7.6 lbs

Lead Time: 25 Business Days

Help guests find the Meeting Room easily with brand-approved Meeting Room Directional signs. Signs feature flat copy and come with foam tape for easy mounting. Directionals are for interior use only.

If lines are long they will break and will have standard leading.
MAX 4 lines per side. (i.e.) Grand Ballroom is 2 lines because it breaks.

Room ID (Top)
i.e. Meeting Rooms

Line 1 (Left)

Line 2 (Left)

Line 3 (Left)

Line 4 (Left)

Line 1 (Right)

Line 2 (Right)

Line 3 (Right)

Line 4 (Right)