Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers for Business

Shop our selection of safety barriers for your business. Perfect to use on countertops, desktops, and more.

Identity Group free standing sneeze guard.

Freestanding Safety Barriers

Help your employees and customers feel safe with our countertop safety barriers. The clear acrylic guard can be used in any environment to put a protective barrier between individuals, including check-out lanes, offices, and hospitals. Freestanding acrylic dividers are easy to assemble.

Retail Stanchion Sign Stand for Sale and retail free standing safety barriers

Stanchion Signs

Help direct traffic in your store with stanchion signs. Typically used to display company messaging, these newly designed stanchion signs come with a panel of clear acrylic in order to seperate people in close contact. Signs can be used in a variety of ways, including in checkout lines, gyms, and restaurants.

What are Safety Dividers Used For?

Acrylic safety dividers are used as a barrier between employees and/or customers in shared spaces, like grocery stores, hotels, office buildings, and convenience stores. Identity Group's dividers are made of durable clear acrylic and help direct traffic and prevent close contact between people. Shop Now.

How Can I Use Stanchion Signs?

Like countertop safety barriers, Identity Group's stanchion signs are made with a clear piece of acrylic in order to put a protective barrier between people. While our other safety barriers are meant to be used on countertops, desktops, and other flat surfaces, stanchion signs come with a freestanding metal frame that makes them easy to move and great for placing a  barrier between people waiting in lines. Shop Now.

Custom Barriers & Stanchion Signs

Haven't found the right protective shield for your business? Identity Group can work with you to create a product that works best for your business's needs, including custom sizes, shapes, branding, and installation methods. To learn more, Contact Us.

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