Healthcare Signage for Employees

June 12, 2018

At Identity Group, we do a lot of signage and wayfinding design for large, complex medical facilities. Our efforts tend to stay focused on patient needs: How can we help them find their destinations in these huge hospital campuses? How can we create signage that simultaneously directs and reassures stressed-out patients and visitors? These are big questions, and as designers and planners, we go to great lengths to observe and record signage deficiencies and other issues in terms of the patient experience as we study our clients’ facilities.

One question we don’t always ask first is how our work can improve the staff’s experience. Part of the answer is pretty direct: as we improve patients’ orientation and wayfinding experiences, those patients don’t have to rely on medical personnel so much to find their destinations; thus, staff members have more time to dedicate to their life-saving work. But what else can make their work easier?