Meredith McCaskill

Vice President of eCommerce & Digital Marketing

Chat more with Meredith:

The passion for the work people do at IdG is palpable. There are many employees who have invested many years working at IdG and they are extremely invested in seeing the company grow and succeed.

When I see people going above and beyond to attempt to do things differently than they have done them before, it greatly inspires me.

I’m inspired by people who do things that seem insurmountable. Who act instead of ponder, who make their fate happen instead of wait for it to arrive on their doorstep.

I see what IdG can be – all that it can be. I see it for so much more than what it does. I see IdG for where it can go. I don’t think about signs and business products, I think about a company who has a whole lot of power to influence a very large market – and whose products could and should be in every space possible.

What IdG is today, doesn’t have to be what it is tomorrow. Most people are surprised to hear me say that. The vision of where we are headed is so big it’s almost hard to digest, but that’s what makes working here so invigorating.

I specialize in continually challenging the status quo. Inspiring new perspectives and helping the company navigate uncharted terrain. I’m also charged with building an eCommerce division and branding the company digitally.

People would be surprised to learn that IdG is commissioned to produce all the interior signage for the new Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

I studied journalism at Ball State University and became a renegade instead. Starting with marketing Casinos in Las Vegas and building my own branding consultancy, I landed in e-commerce because it is the next bit of terrain I haven’t yet charted.

The challenge of pioneering  a new division from scratch and propelling a company forward into modern evolution is what enticed me to work for IdG.

A big part of my success is who I can help lift up and who can help lift me up. I am an extension of my team. Always. I am my best creator when I have the support of the people around me and when work feels like an extension of the fun I can have outside the office.

Figure out what your end goal is and knock the rest of the mundane tasks out of the way – give them zero attention until you’ve reached your goal.