Gary Katz

Chief Marketing Officer

Chat more with Gary:

A common thread among the team members of IdG is an unwavering passion to help the company succeed.

Anything architectural gets me tingly. I love our Point of Purchase retail signs – they are big, 3D, colorful and impactful. It’s fascinating to me how low cost materials can simulate such beautiful, high-end looks through architecture. It’s a magic show!

I specialize in sign planning design and project organization. I also specialize in marketing, in the respect of really knowing the industry, the clients, and the end-users.

I studied architecture at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. It’s because of my love for architecture that I found myself in the sign design business. Most sign designers are graphic designers, who design for aesthetics first and then functionality. But my approach as an architect is different: for me, form follows function. A sign is worthless if it doesn’t communicate.

Of the many things we manufacture, the one thing that most people are surprised to learn we make is the open/closed signs used by most restaurants.

In my book, the custom architectural wooden signs are some of the coolest things we make. We use our technology in new ways with just about every order.

Something I tell people all the time is to do what you love, because when you love what you do, you’ll figure out how to do it well.

If I’ve learned anything in business it’s this: you’re never the only one doing what you’re doing – there is always someone doing the same thing or some version of the same thing. So strive to do what you do each day better than you did it the day before. Strive to be the best.

I’ve always been drawn to good architecture – when architecture is good, it helps you with the experience of a building. Likewise, when the architecture of a particular sign stands out, it adds greatly to the experience of the space.