Eric Borduas

Vice President of
Visual Décor

Chat more with Eric:

The intensity and urgency with which people work as a team at IdG is what bonds us. There is a real passion here, not only for the work we do, but for our customer base and the products we build.

I used to own a retail sign company called Allen Sign with Impact, which I actually sold to IdG. I thought I’d retire for good after that, but one year later I came to work for IdG because I missed my relationships with my fellow employees and my relationships with my old clients.

The relationships you build with people in our industry are unparalleled.

People are always surprised at how diverse our products are and how much depth our customer list carries. Our signs hang in hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, department stores, universities, hotels, and even in local restaurants.

I’m in awe of what our craftsmen are able to do. Walking through any given grocery store or retail store and seeing the magnificent signs we’ve made over the years still gives me great delight.

Technically, I specialize in making signs. But what I really specialize in is helping both customers and employees achieve their goals. It’s honestly why I came back to work for IdG. I love helping people achieve what they’ve set out to accomplish.

In business, I think giving 100% and being compassionate is the most important thing. We’re all human and while we all work very hard every day, sometimes it’s important to remember compassion goes a long way.

I think the coolest creation we’ve made at IdG is our team of people. Even as we evolve and acquire new companies, we’re still able to transition those people into the fold and grow stronger as a team.

I believe that if you do what you say what you’re going to do life goes relatively well.