David Durfee

VP of Strategic Planning

Chat more with David:

As a business unit leader, I get to look at the Big Picture and work out when and how all the pieces fit together. Everything from estimating the cost of a product to the operations of building it, to the logistics of it going out the door – I get to formulate the when, where and how we make our customers happy. I love it.

We manufacture and deliver over 50,000 signs a month. The sheer size and ability of our operation along with the impact our products make for our customers builds a great sense of pride internally at IdG.

Our products are extremely varied. People are often surprised to learn that we make specialty ink that sticks to weird stuff. The ink dot on all the Goodyear tires, for example, is something we make. And it can withstand 375-degree heat as well as rain, and just about any kind of wear. It’s wild!

My goal is to grow and make our business as profitable as possible. The industry best, the go-to place. I want our competitors to worry when they see they are up against IdG.

How do you look at the data to take a rifle shot instead of a shotgun blast? Strategic thinking. It’s one of the most important aspects of any business. Much like an attorney who anticipates the opposing argument, one must think through where the pitfalls are before building a roadmap to excel beyond your competitors and succeed as a business.

I received a degree in both civil and environmental engineering from the University of Tennessee and a masters in industrial engineering.  This is where I learned to analyze the marketplace using strategic decisions. My experience in the workforce is where I learned to perfect that practice.

A positive attitude is vital to success because you need people who will pitch in with a lot of energy and optimism, and take on the company vision with a mindset of support. A negative attitude is like poison.

If you build a really strong team of coworkers with the willingness to step in and help one another, you’re laying the groundwork to overcome tough challenges with ease and build a wonderful work-life balance.

I grew up believing I could do anything I put my mind to – it’s a motto that still lives with me today. No challenge is insurmountable. I truly believe that, for better or for worse!

Playing with my children on our farm and watching the world through their eyes is everything. I’m their superman and that’s why I’m here.