Craig Brenner

Chief Information Officer

Chat more with Craig:

I joined IdG at an extremely exciting time of transformation. The energy flow around the new direction coming from leaders all the way down to our factory craftsmen is palpable and magnetic. I’m proud to be helping mold and cultivate that energy towards an amazing company vision that will surely leave a positive impact on our customers.  

“You can’t master life all at once. Just master today and keep doing that.” I love this motto because it brings me into the present and keeps me there.  

Transforming from a steadily growing enterprise to a rapidly growing technology presence is an IdG vision that gets my blood pumping. I like rapid growth – I’m drawn to it for the positive snowball effect it has on every player involved. With the pieces in place, we can press “play” and watch an internal momentum move us to greatness.

I think people would be surprised to learn of the level of commitment IdG sees from its team members.  In such a transitory time in history, the fact that we have team members who have been at the company for over 15 years says something. It says that our team members believe in IdG, its future, and the sense of community it’s cultivated.   

It’s incredibly cool that we can make virtually every component of the products we produce. Generally, most manufacturers farm out a lot of the components that make up the products they manufacture, but IdG has the capability to make everything in-house. This is awesome! It opens us up to endless opportunities.  

I got my bachelor’s degree from Eastern Nazarene College, my MBA from the University of Phoenix, and my Technology Management degree from Worcester Polytech Institute (WPI). But the best learnings I’ve experienced have always come from my entrepreneurial efforts in creating companies, projects, and initiatives from scratch. These efforts are where my heart lives. 

Being outside – hiking, running, swimming, biking – breathing the elements, appreciating creation, charges me up. It’s the best way to reset. 

When it comes to people I admireJeff Bezos is near the top of the list. To structure a company based on a philosophy that garners results from innovation and acquisition while balancing expectations and public valuation is mold-breaking. It’s incredibly hard to have stock value rise in lieu of being profitable. Also, he’s building a 10,000-year Coo-Coo Clock inside of a mountain and that’s just cool.  

I specialize in technology transformation and evolution. And building a world-class development team around that.