Bob Tate

Chief Financial Officer

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To be a part of an environment that’s continually changing and growing is always attractive to me. To be a part of a leadership team that handles change and growth with grace is magnetic.

A quiet time. I start my day with it. I declutter the noise and set my intentions with it. If I don’t do that every day, I won’t be able to achieve what I want.

Signs can be sexy. The opportunity to achieve that perspective from a consumer standpoint as well as a brand standpoint is extremely exciting. I’m proud to help challenge the status quo around this notion and make interior sign solutions both convenient and desirable for the customer.

I specialize in profitability. In understanding how we build value around IdG, and supporting all aspects of our company from operations and sales to talent and service.

I’m fascinated by the custom capabilities of our sign offerings. How we customize both the products and the experience for the customer and how we replicate that process internally with regularity and ease.

I have a finance degree from TCU and a Masters in International Business from the University of South Carolina. After seven years as a banker, I wanted to see the corporate side of finance and went to work for Continental Airlines. What a switch! Working for the airlines is where I mastered financial planning and analysis – a skill I would continue to hone and foster.

Building and growing people and organizations is my passion. Business success comes from hard work, good ethics, and creating good timing.