Going In Circles – Bad Sign Design

January 25, 2016

Have you ever seen a sign that was funny or just didn’t make sense? We all know that the main purpose of signage is to visually communicate information. Whether a sign is intended to identify a space, navigate to a destination, post a warning, or provide general information, it is important that the message is clear…but sometimes, signs miss their mark.

one way sign both ways

Which way to go?

In some situations, signs provide contradictory information. In others, too much information is presented at once, preventing a viewer from making a confident and informed decision.

Signs with confusing or bad design elements

Signs with confusing or bad design elements

In the samples above, the signs aren’t doing their job – or at least not as well as they could be.

That’s where wayfinding and sign design professionals come in. Even the most complicated wayfinding dilemma can be communicated clearly, so that your visitors aren’t left confused, wondering if they should go one way, or another, or another…

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