Case in Point

Brand Standards Case in Point

Utilizing a Business Stationery Custom Website, a Fortune 500 company with over 20,000 employees and eight separate divisions needed an online ordering solution to help maintain their identity standards for their multiple divisions. This company realized a product cost reduction of up to 20%, stringent enforcement of its identity standards, enhanced stationery choices for all employees, and cost reporting capabilities down to the department level.

Cost Reduction Case in Point

A well-known university needed to control their stationery purchases. The university utilizes 21 different product templates; seven each under differing logos representing the school, alumni association and the athletic department. By implementing a Business Stationery Custom Website, the university’s specific billing and delivery codes were integrated within the ordering process which in turn reduced transactional costs. The cost savings were so significant that it made sense to move the printing out of its own internal print shop and into our print facility.

SaaS Case in Point

The third largest real estate franchise organization in the United States needed an online stationery ordering program for use by field agents and franchises. Agent differentiation was critical and to that end, a significant number of ordering templates and variations were created and implemented on a SaaS provider system the organization utilized. All business cards are printed digitally with some requiring UV coating.


  • “We had a customer mired in the manual ordering of stationery, and we lost money on almost every order with the time we spent on artwork, proofs and follow up. Business Stationery put our customer on an online ordering system and turned an unprofitable nightmare into a money making account for us.”

    Kirk Lind

    Proforma Industries

  • “In today’s economic landscape, selecting the right trade partners is critical to our success. BSI has worked closely with us over the last year to fine tune our processes, improve communication, and ultimately deliver quality products to our clients. We anticipate doubling our revenues this year, and BSI will play a significant role.”

    Pete Redondo

    Regency Office Products

  • “When a Fortune 500 company asked United Print Group to implement an e-commerce ordering platform for its stationery products, Business Stationery assisted in every phase of the process including joint, live online demonstrations to the client, setting up the templates online, and training our staff. Thanks to BSI’s continuing commitment to quality and delivery this request has turned into a long term relationship.”

    Bob Sanchez

    United Print Group