Our Culture

Identity Group is clearly focused on one unwavering goal: Help our customers make a strong, positive and lasting impression. In other words, we help customers Stand Out!

It’s embedded in our culture, and it is the guiding philosophy for our associates. It’s how we think, how we work, and how we treat others, as individuals and as a business.

Strive… to be the best
Think… safety, think quality, think innovation
Accept… responsibility, it matters
Nurture… associates, customers, and ideas
Demonstrate… passion with urgency, integrity, and respect

Openly Communicate… every voice deserves to be heard
Unite… as one company, one team, one family
Take Action… you are empowered to make a difference

Our enduring success is due to the values we aspire to every day…
Our 4 Ps of why we do what we do


  • Our purpose is to develop custom signage and business product solutions that inform, inspire, lead or direct.
  • Our purpose is to provide custom signage and business product solutions that are easy to order, can be manufactured in high volumes and meet or exceed customer requirements for quality and on-time delivery.
  • Our purpose is to satisfy customer needs in a way that creates trust, respect and continued relationships.
  • Our purpose is to be the innovator of new interior signage solutions, the most creative design options and best-in-class quality. “A Better Way to Make a Sign, a Better Sign Solutions Company”.


  • Our people are our greatest asset and deserving of the utmost respect and support from the Company.
  • Building personal relationships based upon caring interaction is a daily goal and requirement of the Identity Group Culture.
  • Our Associates have lives at home and lives at work… our goal is to make sure we support both the work life and personal life in a way that shows we are One Family, One Team.


  • We are passionate about making a difference for our Associates, our Customers and the Communities we live in and serve.
  • We are passionate about creativity, better solutions and not being afraid to make mistakes while trying to develop better solutions.
  • We are passionate that everyone has a voice to identify and express better ways of doing things which benefit our entire Organization.


  • We will maintain a consistent schedule of monthly Management Team meetings aimed at building relationships, constantly fine tuning our culture and focus on key / vital goals to support the company’s ultimate success.
  • Continued and consistent “Open Communication” and dialogue between the entire Management Team and all Associates is critical and will be pursued vigorously.