5 Tips for Memorable Point of Purchase Signs

March 21, 2016

In an increasingly crowded retail landscape and with the growing trend of online retail, how do you reach customers and influence their buying behavior after they have entered your store?

The answer…Point of Purchase signage.  If done correctly point of purchase signage is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and influence what they buy, when they buy and even how they pay for their items.  Here are a few tips from our retail signage experts in Portland, ME on creating memorable retail signs that stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers:

Straightforward:  Your signage should be simple and straightforward, with a clear and concise message.  When designing your signage remember that you have about 5 seconds to get your message across before you your audience loses interest.

Olympia Sports Point of Purchase Signage
Point of Purchase Signage for Olympia Sports with a straightforward and clear message.


Compelling:  By using a straight forward message combined with attention grabbing colors, text and positioning you can create a powerful presentation that persuades your audience.  Don’t be afraid to combine bold colors and graphics in order to draw attention to your signage…be compelling.

Compelling L.L. Bean Point of Purchase Signange
Compelling Point of Purchase Signage for L.L. Bean that uses graphics to draw attention the brand’s lifestyle attributes.


Unique:  In order to grab the attention of your customers and stand out from all of the other signs they see daily, your signage should be creative to the point of being unique.  In Today’s marketplace retail customers are increasingly savvy to advertising messages and expect to entertained with creative images, text, and layouts.  Don’t be afraid to be unique and leave an impression.

Planet Dog Point of Purchase Signange
Point of Purchase signage for Planet Dog that is unique in it’s use of imagery, color (lack of) and placement.


Customize:  Over the past 10 years there have been great advancements made in the interior signage industry that allow you to customize how your retail signage is manufactured, displayed and even the hardware that used during installation.  Customizing the “mundane” details of your point of purchase signage creates a unique and compelling sign that shows attention to detail.

New England Coffee Point of Purchase Signage
Customized Point of Purchase Signage for New England Coffee the incorporates actual coffee cups.


Purposeful:  As with any advertising or marketing strategy, your point of purchase signage should have a purpose and help steer your customers toward your desired outcome.  Make sure to clearly define the purpose of your point of purchase signage in easy to understand goals/outcomes prior to starting your project.  Having the purpose for your signage clearly defined will make the design process, fabrication and installation much easier, ensuring your goals are met.

Point of Purchase Signage for L.L. Bean
Point of Purchase Signage for L.L. Bean designed with the intent of informing customers.


By using these 5 elements in your point or purchase signage you will create a rewarding customer experience that meets your organization’s goals.  Remember that creating extraordinary signage should be fun and rewarding, if you need a little help our retail signage specialists are always available to assist you.